DIY Sofa with Shelves | A 3-Tool Project

DIY Sofa with Shelves | A 3-Tool Project

Full instructions coming soon to
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akash shukla says:

whats up with those canvas shoes??

Brett Wagner says:

how's it for sitting seems like it'd be really deep to sit back and watch a movie?


your lisp is my life

Daniel Romero says:

Can we all just admire a girl wearing converse!

Ashley Bennett says:

Why use construction adhesive over wood glue? Is it stronger?

dannyfresh says:

Where are the plans for it

1YangYing says:

I want a 'Jessie' in my life. Why can't I have a 'Jessie' in my life?

Nichole Broden says:

Hi! I have watched the video dozens of times. Do you have the measurements anywhere I can find them?

Spencer Bauer says:

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Astrid Duthoit says:

where can we find the instruction for the project ? please

filippobellasio says:

uhmmm don't have a good look, but its very cheap <3!

Jill Nelson says:

I'm done with all the prep, and am going to assemble the sofa tomorrow. My suggestions are as follows: 1) If you want to build this, watch the video and take notes. Everything you need to know is in there. 2) Cutting the lumber takes a significant amount of time because of the 14 arm pieces, 9 back pieces, 14 spacers for the arms, 15-ish or so for the back, and the planks for the seat. 3) Sanding took me a couple of days, using my free time. 4) I used a Minwax One Coat Polycrylic, which took me a day using my free time. 5) Build it in place. In all, it will take me just under a week to complete (in my free time).

Francisco Javier Doñe Mateo says:

still waiting for the plan of this sofa

Whitney Deivory says:

this is cute

Slp Blackout says:

when will this be on the website

Daniel Borg says:

Charming voice 😀

records4idiots says:

This project is nowhere to be found on your website. Can you please upload it with measurements? Thanks!

Karina Rodriguez says:

I've looked on the site and haven't been able to find any instructions for this build

ludo orioli says:


Just checked your site. Don't forget about the instructions, thanks!

S K says:

It it practical? How much does it weigh and how would you move it (would you take it apart)?

Cj C says:

wth is a laygo?

Don't Read My Profile Picture says:

I love her voice.

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