DIY T Bar Row Platform

DIY T Bar Row Platform

Home made Do it yourself “t bar row platform.” Materials:
– 2″ PVC
– 5″ Wheel & Caster
– 0.25″ Plywood
– Hardware (nuts, bolts, etc.)
Cost: Anywhere from $15 – $25, depending on where you get your materials & how elaborate you make your project.



Gino H says:

PERFECT. thank you!

Buckman Austin says:

Excellent. The 5 inch wheel caster is the perfect spacing for a 2 inch tube. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the collar out of the wheel assembly without damaging it, but it works just fine just inserting the bolt through. Another thanks from me, sir.

Travis Breaux says:

Just what I was looking for, thanks bro. Subbed

Eric Moberg says:

This is fantastic. Thanks for making the video and posting supply list in the description.

Matt Green says:

Legend, been racking my brains all weekend on the best way to make one. You've solved my problem 👍🏽

Samir Samir says:

Very clever!

Lorenzo Lopez Fitness says:

how you secured the support on the ground?

Vener Andrew Buban says:

So efing brilliant 😬😬😬

Shon Alves says:

all his vids are good….so is the music ……whats this song

Tom Hanks says:

how did you get you board from sliding what did you secure it to

Ole Johannes O. Friestad says:


LeN nie says:

Excellent and simple. Im gonna do the same now,, thanks for sharing.

Anthony Malgioglio says:

Absolute genius. Thank you so much for sharing this DIY project.

Isacc Manuel says:

Using caster wheels good ideal, thanks for sharing

pipiripau 78 says:

this is so awasome man thanks for sharing you saved us alot of $$$

nyinfamous2k2 says:

Great Idea man. going to have to do this same thing. Tnx

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