Garage Gym DIY Pulley System

Garage Gym DIY Pulley System

Check out this quick, simple, and easy Garage Gym DIY Project, a Tricep and Lat Pulley! Get my free Garage Gym Athlete Survival Guide by going to
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Materials needed for this project:

6′ 6″ of 1/4″ COATED CABLE
6″ of 1/4″ CHAIN
2x Rope Clamp & Thimble Set
2x Quick Links
1.5″ Single Eye Pulley
3′ of 1/4″ CHAIN
3′ of 5/8″ Blue & White Rope
2x Spring Snap Links
2x Wire Rope Clip



Steve Aranda says:

Literally just built this same setup in my home gym 2 weeks ago and those pulleys are crap. I even added a roller bearing to try to help and still wont work. I would try to find some gym equipment pulleys that are better designed for this type of work rather then waste money at home depot, at least on the pulleys. Even still, once everything is working right, its a great setup. I even added a bottom pulley for some bottom up movements.

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