Garden room home gym built by Planet Design

Garden room home gym built by Planet Design

A stunning garden room gym build, built in only 13 days.. Planet Design specialise in building garden rooms, home garden offices, annexes, house extensions, gyms, music rooms, school classrooms and commercial builds. CALL TODAY for your free home visit 01623 625474 or 07956 294380. EMAIL VISIT



kirbysir675 says:

how much did it cost you to hie them? i am thinking of hiring professionals to help organize and built my home gym. want to get an idea of what it cost or look like. thx

MrSLacKHacKer says:

not bad for 13 days ! how much was the final cost ?
done in 9 days for under £2000

Shana Burl says:

Hi Ryan, I just want to thank you so much [ Go Here >>> ]! Your plan has saved me much money for buying a pre-built kit from the local market. I am always amazed at the easy way the guidelines takes one through. A great product!

Clint Eastwood says:

wow well done

Kpop Addict says:

AYYYYYE who remember that song from elem computers?? 😂😂👏👏👏👏👏

spiritual walker says:

What is the cladding your using? ceder?

restauraciones guillermo says:

Hi!what kind of material do you use for the roof?thank you

Gill Parkins says:

You guys still going? I'm looking for a home office.

paul says:

How much and what size is that ?

Jesse Tutty says:

I like to know how much total of the cost of this home gym?i need the idea of the budget to build my own soon!me and my husband been paying the gym for two it's more than £70 every single month!its really pain!!can u reply me of the total cost please?and Also the contact!!thanks

AzharC99 says:

If you dont mind, how much money did they take?

Bell Torres says:

Awesome job!! It looks Perfect!!!!

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