Home Gym Tip | Easy Home DIY Project | Band Pegs for Your Power Rack

Home Gym Tip | Easy Home DIY Project | Band Pegs for Your Power Rack

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Thomas Stone shows you how to make DIY band pegs for your power rack!

A lot of people use big, clunky dumbbells to tie their bands to in their garage gym setup. This technique is under-utilizing your bands. In order to get the most out of these home gym essentials you’re going to want to be accurate with your tensions and positioning.

That’s where band pegs come in.

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FW Ges. says:

wut the fk is it with all these faggots doing garage gym videos wearing flip flops for fks sake

Rojman says:

Dude, seriously this is a PHENOMENAL video. I've been looking all over for a solution and this is it. Nicely Done and Thank you!!!

Myles Shupe says:

I need to break out my band pegs I haven't used them once lol

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