Homemade Bench Press and Squat Rack

Homemade Bench Press and Squat Rack

Homemade bench press and squat rack.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtIIaacERh4



lee mackie says:

Would work for light weights. I wouldn’t put anything more than 60kg on that however. Which renders it useless for most men.

Jordan R says:

That's awesome

Island Guy says:

Mine is similar. But taller so i can add a chin-up bar 👍👍

Maurice Mc Loughlin says:

Amazing. Right, I’m off to the work shop. Cheers buddy.


Good and all creative .but one problem try benching 400 or 500 with it and see what happens

indra Kurniadi says:

Those barbell shud made by wood too

Shiva Maraj says:

Great design

Steukhon Heu says:

Easy quick and simple. Sweet video. Wish we got a side view but I get the point

Dan S says:

Love the design but I would make sure that those safety bars tilt toward the main body or else your at risk of falling when you squat too much, and the bar then promptly rolls off those and onto you. Just a concern, I'm definitely gonna try to make this though. If you have tips for height of it for a guy like me (I'm about 5' 8") please reply with those.

mike coquet says:

I saw basically this exact same design on the movie sand castle. I never even thought of building a wood bench untill I saw that. This is awesome.

Wei Ming says:

its cool and all, but let me know how it goes when u place 2 plates on each side

Ranphopro says:

I appreciate your ingenuity but you are taking a lot for granted and your safety with it. Those screws are not designed to resist hundreds of pounds of shear force. At the very least you should have a double row. Carriage bolts are the way to go. As for the safety bars, you are bound to get lateral force if the bar lands hard and those joist hangars aren't enough to resist the twisting motion. The same concern for the bench: have you ever seen a piece of commercially made equipment that uses dinky little screws? Your bodyweight plus the weight bar can go over 400 pounds and you probably have only two screws in the cross pieces to prevent the legs from spreading. The repeated stress will cause either metal fatigue of the screw or will strip out the hole. Use carriage bolts to be safe.

Taiafiafi Williams says:

What do u mean by pressure treated?..

Willy Guenther says:

I made something, it's not super nice like yours sir but here u go.https://youtu.be/P7Q31G8oitg

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