Homemade Parallettes – Best for Dips, Rows, Abs – DIY Dudes

Homemade Parallettes – Best for Dips, Rows, Abs – DIY Dudes

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Want a handy little exercise device you can take to the park or workout from your back yard or in your house? Then build this DIY Parallette project. You can do Dips, Rows, Push-Ups, Tuck Sits and more!

To Make ONE Parallette You Will Need: (Double for two)

(All pieces are 3/8 Inch)

1 – 24 inch piece
2 – 18 inch pieces
2 – 90 degree elbows
2 – T’s
4 – 6 inch pieces
Mini Tennis Balls Optional

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Buff Dudes / DIY / How to make DIY Parallettes Bar for Dips, Rows, Push-Ups & More
Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Duke, Brandon White

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Brian Ivy says:

I’m lucky enough to work at a heating/plumbing company where we get gas pipe in bulk and I can take from the scrap bin or at price. I don’t know about other companies but mine allows me to take or do small things for close friends at cost so if you know a plumber you might be able to score some cheap pipe!

A. Thengis says:

Hazardous, one should never use such thin pipes/tubes for calisthenics.

muffemod says:

Prefer the pvc version of this. They won't leave metal shit on your hands.

Ilon M says:

Поставьте палец вверх, пусть америкосы думают, что, что-то пездатое спизданул. 🙂

Cody Bowling says:

Maybe diy squat safety stands ?

Marc Ramirez says:

Yeahive been wanting to buy just pipes and making my own bars

GioJorg says:

LOL Dip bars woulda been better

The Singer says:

10 sec in the video and you got a new sub

Squirrel with a gun says:

I have been looking all over for how to do this by yourself. And I just want to say thank you so much these look amazing and I cannot wait to make them

Gerald West says:

Excellent well laid out video, thanks! Really like your arm band Buff Dude…got any details on it?? Thanks again and thumbs up!

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