How to build a DIY Exercise Machine

How to build a DIY Exercise Machine

Don’t take me too seriously…



Shantay Madison says:

Just look for the best workout ebook from Unflexal workouts.

Notgiven Notgiven says:

you can only come up with a few excuses for not working out? man, I can make up all kinds of excuses

John Doh says:

The singing at the end. You surely are a cunt

John Doh says:

That machine is as shit as your small arms

ahmet emiroglu says:

thanks thats good.

Andre Pasztirko says:

Meinen großen Respekt !

sujin anto says:

plz dont try this.. its will damaged ur shape..

MrRealP x says:

how is shape 2 years later ?

Josh Kaufman says:

@4:09 Knipex Pliers! You are a craftsman, not just a Jock 😉

Alex Uri says:

se mueve de a madres,fijala al piso y a la pared,pinche indio americano,o mejor comprate una aunque sea de uso.

Peter Addison says:

this dude is a pro

iulian olariu says:

You're Dutch ?

luiscarlos bolivar martinez says:

Your video is very long that is bud……

Ghost 1111 says:

WTB audio loop of him saying ark welder.

jaycee ting says:

Do have blueprints for this machine?? Please i wan to have this in my room, i have some metal tubes and pulley in my home and its a waste if ill just dump it. Please hope you'll reply :(((

Sylvio Gabriel says:

nice criation

Jacob Morris says:

Close accent to Peter Sellers' Dr. Strangelove 🙂

Acash lama says:

can you please share blueprint of the machine… ? It's a masterpiece dude

tooka B says:

that outro tho lol

lester rock says:

chulada de gym casero

Robert Miller says:

Both awesome and funny

Michael Smith says:

Pull the ropes down out of the corner of the wall and ceiling and you can make your own battle ropes.

nic22bro says:

I had a good laugh watching this, good stuff man, thanks for sharing

Crazy Masina says:

knipex tools, hell yeah

capoman1 says:

Really smooth, great design, seems you've thought of most uses, dips, cable crossover, high and low cables. Fantastic, bravo.

Rick Bergolla says:

anyone got a link to the design pages

roknor says:

Next add an incline bench and you can do even more exercises. Bench press, flys, etc….

chen nick says:

The design is amazed me

Kyriakos Panagasidis says:

I like the idea of Suspension training or TRX is how they call it. No need for heavy metals.

abdou hacker says:

I'm the 193301 subscriber

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