How To Build A Full Home Gym Out Of PVC & 27 Exercises On It

How To Build A Full Home Gym Out Of PVC & 27 Exercises On It

Instructions on how to build the PVC Home Gym start at 2:37m. Learn more PVC and body weight exercises at



anthony velasco says:

didn't know sit to handstands turn you into a KKK.

vinolin moodley says:

For you guys that are scared its gonna break just fill it up with very weak cement. Im building it in about 2 weeks and Ill update this comment. Todd you are a genius.

G_ Enigma says:

Good man. Thanks.

YeeZy HaCks says:

You should have used Galvanized Pipes brah! They are much stronger and sturdier than these PVC pipes

Oculus Zen says:

This guy hasn't posted in a month because his death trap killed him😂

RP Trucker says:

I think there should be some kind of dense foam put into those pipes for some type of flexible yet reinforced strength. Those stress spots will eventually give when the PVC fatigues enough.

mrgreatauk says:

I really like the layout of this home gym, but have to say I'm really not a fan of how it's made! I would not trust my bodyweight on PVC tubes that bend that much – especially when you're doing stuff hanging from the bars at the top and it's swaying all over the place! I'm not going to claim to be the world's best handyman but I recently built a freestanding pullup station from 2×4" wood and while it might be more expensive and more effort to put together I feel much more comfortable using it than I would feel using that thing!

Adrian Garcia says:

I bet 3 inch PVC would be very sturdy not as much bending but I love the idea going to make myself one this spring

Vacunazo says:

saitama,,,is that you?

Shawn Mallay says:

This is so dangerous. If this snaps and someone lands on it…..serious injury may occur. PVC will snap off and create very deadly edges that will be razor sharp and hard.

Grigori Wolny says:

Don't you afraid that some day this building will doing – BUUUUUM ? 😛

basslinger says:

this is rediculously brilliant, thanks!

Mink N Andy says:

To anyone thinking about doing this, fill your pvc with cement. 100% sure it won't break on you

GoodVibrators says:

Given the amount of bending on those tubes, I'd be tempted to put some wooden poles inside the tube to reinforce it a bit.  Just a thought.

Danny Hoodless says:

hippy ass pipe builder

Danny Hoodless says:

This motherfucker wobbling and all kinds of shit he needs to tuck his head to stop it from smacking the ceiling why would you build this shit in your house you would just go to the god damn park

Otoniel Santana says:

Vou fazer um pra mim

jhon doe says:

i see a bunch of shit in the back its not like you can't afford some weights brah

white people love to do shit differently it make their ego feel special

NexGenSlayer says:

u nver said how much the cost was (If you did then I guess I wasn't listening well 😛 )

NewportDispatch says:

Anyone who says the PVC will snap, has never worked with PVC.

Kimball Wiggins says:

Killer ass job, my nigga

bib668 says:

Great video. Really clear explanations. Thanks for the design ideas.

King John says:

@ 1:32 How was the PVC gym utilized to do Pistol Squats? It looks like you're just standing beside the gym. I'm not sure that should count as an exercise on it…

Yasmin Vincent says:

Can you get the same stuff but made of metal?

Stefan Batrinache says:

I really like your creation, but i don't like the material you choose, when i see that pvc bending it scares me off

gary alvarado says:

Sure are alot of haters on here bitching about 'wobbling' or 'snapping'. Don't see anyone else being this creative.

Meef Eater says:

to help reinforce it i put some 1.5 inch dowels in the horizontal pvc

Patrick Ramirez says:

What's the capacity of the PVC Gym? I weigh about 170 pounds.

PeaceBeWithYourSoul says:

What is the weight limit on something like this?  180-190 pounds would be the max, I think.

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