How to Build a LEGIT Homemade Seated Calf Raise

How to Build a LEGIT Homemade Seated Calf Raise

Got puny calfs? Don’t worry, today I show you how to make a simple, yet efficient seated calf raise. The materials cost around $40 and took roughly two hours to build.

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Paul Corben says:

Great video! Thanks. Do you have a standing calf machine build?

thomas oliver says:

Why not just do barbell calf raises with a bench and feet on a block

Luigi says:

Nice construction but to build calf you should go to negative down. That's the secret key… To stretch that muscle out well.

Ste B says:

Bro you are awesome!

fatdepressedveg knight says:

Really cool but one major problem you're not getting full range of movement you want your heels to virtually pushing close to the floor for a seated calf raise your feet are too flat and the stopper stops it going for range very nice

JWB671 says:

Nice work. I would look into putting some sleeve bearings at the pivot point. The inside diameter (ID) has to match the size of the bolt used and the outside diameter (OD) is generally 1/8” larger and that is the size that has to be drilled through the wood. McMaster Carr has lots to choose from and even the cheapest nylon flanged light duty dry bearings would probably do the job well enough.

Roxanne Coffin says:

Materials list?

Seebaran Ragoonanan says:

Awesome dude!

Schule says:

"and as always guys, stay sexy" :)) Where did you get that from, ah?

Ron Humphrey says:

Freaking awesome !

John Spragg says:

Thanks mate 7good video.
They are $500 new here in New Zealand I'll make one this weekend for $50 ..

MUscleHunter says:

would love to sit my ass on that dowel and have you lift me up! love the content, keep it up!

12106445 says:

Planning on building one of these and a power rack as well along with a squat machine using 2xs. If anyone thinks that wood cannot support a lot of weight, I'll remind you that the roof of houses are supported by 2x studs. The roofs weighs several thousand pounds.

Bram Driessens says:

It took 2 hours to build? Why would you lie about the building time? We all saw you did it under 7 minutes!

Malaikatrendy says:

I'd buy it.

Is there anything you would change now , or is it holding up well? Anything that needs to be more robust now?

jordancorey says:

i am going to build one of these, thanks for sharing. ..I've given you a thumbs up

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