How to make Martial Arts Gym in 10 Steps!

How to make Martial Arts Gym in 10 Steps!

I had a plan to convert my garage into a Martial Arts Gym so I can practice my standup and grappling. Of course I didn’t do it in 10 steps I wish it was that easy! Project took about 12 days with the help of my brother and wife. Like, subscribe and become a member at Thanks!



thebozman1000 says:

Handsdown fucking worst intro ever, that breathing noise was sickening to listen to

Henrik Andersson says:

That intro was really not that good

Borya Gavriel says:

do you have link to shop of used rolled mat (gray)?

Kathern Pernell says:

I think you need to take some time and go to woodprix website to learn how to make it.

Adams Umar says:

Would have been easier if you put the cut edge to the wall.

catman635 says:

How much did it cost

Abdulrhman Aljuhani says:

Nice dojo but mine is better

GrupoUnico says:

What you put in the flor before you put the carpet ?

lesamourai777 says:

Hi.  What type of material was your blue puzzle mats?  PE or EVA?  Thanks in advance.

muhammad bin saimi says:

Nice! How many square feet is this?

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