Installing Rubber Flooring in my Garage Gym

Installing Rubber Flooring in my Garage Gym

When it came time to decide on what kind of flooring to install in my home gym, the choice seemed obvious at first. So many people recommended horse stall mats.

But when I looked closely, they didn’t really seem to be the right option. In fact, I started to wonder how so many people could recommend this flooring at all. While it might be right for some, it was definitely not right for me.

So I took my search to the experts. Flooring companies and larger, more upscale gyms. I didn’t find a single horse stall mat among them. Instead, the recommendations were much more functional and appropriate for my garage gym.

Follow along here as I go over why I decided against stall mats, what I chose instead, and how I installed it.

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Capt'n Howdy says:

Stall mats are for olympic lifts.

Foreva Chase says:

Thanks for the video. My question can you park your car on your preferred flooring ?

Colorado Kayaking & RV says:

We were going to use stall mats in our home gym also, but changed our mind and went with 8mm 2×2 tiles instead. It seems the formula for every garage gym on Youtube is a Rouge rack, a GHD and stall mats from Tractor Supply. I noticed from these videos that the seams did not look tight to me. The tiles cost double from the mats, but they look terrific and I am so glad we went with the better floor. Good information in your video.

Stefano Mancini says:

Hello great video . I also have been struggling to decide what to install in my garage gym. I live in montreal where it gets really cold. I heard the problem with Mats is that they can create mold and moisture? Any idea if that is true?

MPG410 says:

Thanks for the video!

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