My DIY Power Rack – 06-17-2013

My DIY Power Rack – 06-17-2013

A DIY (Home Made) Power Rack, I made of steel tubing. I could not afford one, so I made my self one. Saved my self a lot of money. I am in the proses of making an adjustable weight bench press, that is too expensive for me to buy, but I can make it and improve it. It may not look as good as the over one thousand dollar one but close enough. After that I think, I might make another, bigger, stronger power rack. Or maybe a lat pulldown system.

Bench Press Build is done, check out the preview video

or see the full build video here

People being asking about the measurements so here they are.

Height 82″ (because of my selling height)
width is 46″
the working out area of the depth is 49″ with about 12″ extra on the back for weight plate storage. On my next power rack build I will give my self more storage space.



Tomeka Pompey says:

This time I'll use inplix instructions to make it by myself.

Matthew Lavergne says:

Im sure you may build it too guys. Just look for inplix page and build it too.

Thanasis Thomas says:

can u tell me the centimeters of the square tubing?

Henry Callisaya says:

muy buen vídeo te felicito.. emm tengo una solicitud cuales son las medidas ? me podrías dar esa información?

Michael Kaylor says:

Smart man, wife's color, Dad straps it! Nice.

Mohammed Harris Ashraff says:

how much weight can it take ?

Cooking With My Knives says:

I remember watching this vid while in high school, thinking how in the world am I gonna get money to make my own or even buy one from a manufacturer. Viola.. 2 years later I am now close to making my own metal furniture with the right equipment. This is possibly my next project. And I can say thanks for making me see that I can do my own stuff instead of buying one.

Leonel Rivas says:

Hola amigo acabo de ver el video de cómo hacer un power rack y quería saber el precio.

jacinto042568 says:

Nice power rack. I'm planing to build my own soon.

keith baggett says:

Very nice job.

A ab says:

what is your way to mark STEEL SQUARE HOLLOW 2.5×2.5 in. in order to drill holes all along.

Milan Sunkovsky says:

The diameter of the holes? pitch? count? Please 🙂 Sorry for my bad englisch

David Volkmar says:

Watching this makes me want to have my father in law build me one. He's a metal worker and the build quality of yours looks so much sturdier than the ones these big names sell. Great job.

Homer Thompson says:

Damn, that is nice. Any chance of putting cable attachments for the lats and triceps or the ones on the bottom for seated rows and biceps and whatnot?

EdsBodyHacks says:

What tubing is the steel that you made the rack with?

Alex M says:

What gauge steel did you use bro? I'm planning on buying a rack but found out it is 14 gauge so Im a bit worried.

aouili aymen says:

I think I can do that . can i please have different useful measures for the realization. a plan can be useful to me 
thank you

Jorge Castillo says:

Hey Robert nice video, now I'm thinking of making my own, however, what is the thickness on the metal. I called my local metal shop and they are selling me a 20 foot bar, forgot the thickness, for 80ish. I guess it all depends on the thickness.

Julio Rodriguez says:

hello friend robert garcia's got good video but not if serious so kind to show a flat or a drawing with exact measurements to produce the power rack and adjustable bench. you would be obliged

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