THE GARAGE GYM PROJECT | New vs. Used Gym Equipment

THE GARAGE GYM PROJECT | New vs. Used Gym Equipment

In this video, I discuss the importance of buying used equipment. I’ve been able to outfit the majority of my gym with brand name equipment at significantly lower costs. In fact, if I were to sell all of it, I would profit.



666dram says:

I hear you and I understand your position. When you buy used equipment you are taking a risk. Also, you are buying without a warranty. And most companies only honors the original owner. Notice I said most. The last thing you need while lifting is buying something used that failed on you. You don't know what the previous owner has done and what they have done to cover it up for a quick sale. You use the analogy of a new car. That new car has a Warrenty. Versus buying a used car to save money and the CAM shaft Sensor goes out. And $6500 vehicle with now a $4500 repair bill. You have to factor in these risks. And these things only comes with experience. Not everybody have disposable funds but you do have time and motivation. Buy what you want once. Even if you have to save up for it. And remember it Cost Money to Save Money.

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