The Simple Affordable Home Gym Setup

The Simple Affordable Home Gym Setup

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Save $500 per year with a home gym

– Adjustable dumbells
– Rubber flooring
– Adjustable weight bench
– Kettlebells
– Barbell with rubberized weights and platform
– Resistance bands

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Ryan Eldridge says:

Link for rubber gym flooring?

RulandAndy says:

Tip or advice please guys. what's the best way of tracking all my activities (gym, Yoga, walking, bike) in one place. Going to start some yoga to supplement gym….if time allows that is.

David Henderson says:

MY HOME GYM = a bunch of BANDS..! For some of us, we do not have the time, space, money, noise tolerance due to young kids etc… I squeeze a workout at my desk at work, in my office, and at night when everyone is asleep with bands. Silent as fuck! Mind you its obviously nowhere near as good as free weights, but if it is the difference between no workout and a workout.. then I say consider this guys!! Glad you mentioned these in your video… well done man!!

brianchi73 says:

Who makes the adjustable weight bench?

Rami Al-Mudafar says:

This is exactly what I've got at home, dumbbells, a bench and stretch bands. Thanks for the advice.

BluffMunkey says:

'You probably have space in your home' – He said to no man ever who lives in the UK 😉

But seriously, my first purchase a few months back was an incline bench and a set of dumbells and it's been a superb first step back into training. My next addition will be an Olympic bar as I'm finding heavier deadlifts quite awkward with dumbells (I've watched your video on that too). Resistance bands are an excellent idea as well actually, so I'll add that to the list.

One thing I really miss from a commercial gym is crossover cables. There's no realistic way I could fit one of those machines into a home environment right now, although I can see resistance bands offering a solution to at least some of the exercises that are done with cables.

Good to see your sub numbers jumping up so fast now, it's a great channel.

Muhammad Zain says:

Underrated channel! Deserves more subs

Muhammad Zain says:

Are you 40+? Coz seriously man you look like you're in your 20's!
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