At Home CHEAP Security System Digoo DG-HOSA No Subscription

At Home CHEAP Security System Digoo DG-HOSA No Subscription

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Sounds like my kid's Fire Truck Toy… I don't think that'll scare off many intruders.

digi mlo says:

I can activate an alarm with the window open. it is inadmissible. /toys//

mozzy747 says:

Are these available in Australia and can extra sensors be added ?

Juan Manzanares says:

I have a good question.
Let me place it this way
Let say i have my house in Texas an I leave alone I installed this alarm and I know for sure that it works and everything is ok set and lock and I am the only one with the remote and the passcode and lets say I travel to New York for a week and in the middle of that week someone brake in the house activate the alarm but he leave the place. How you disarm the alarm been too far away?

Kid Behind A PC says:

Your Right Anthony!

Russell Davis says:

Another worthless DIGOO instruction video. First 5 minutes taking about his neighborhood. Hey idiot, most people come here to learn how to add a motion detector… you already have yourself set-up ..

Russell Davis says:

OK, you really love to hear your own voice…. thanks for the input about the neighborhood crime, area crime and your personal input… otherwise Completely Worthless…

Arthur Penz says:

Can I arm some sensors or disrm individually, like set 2 zones to control individually?

Aidan Standing says:

just so you know, i think if you set it to "home" mode only the door contacts will trigger the alarm (to set it in this mode you use the house button)

Nicolaas Rothman says:

Hi, First off, GREAT VIDEO!!!. I am also planning to buy this product, because it is very affordable. My only only concern is that everyone is complaining about the disarm button on the panel itself. Some of the people say that you can disarm the alarm on the panel without a pin and other people say that you can disarm the alarm with a pin. Will you please advise, will really appreciate. Thanks in advance

Rebecca Sparks says:

Is there anyway to lower the volume? I work at a group and we are having an issue with patients trying to go out and smoke in the middle of the night. Our staff sleeps on sight, we need something to alert them when someone is going outside but not scare the living crap out of them in process.

ryufrank says:

Nice video. Thanks for the info.
Any idea if motion sensors are immune to pets?

Arthur Paniagua says:

Do you have anything that could work for a business ?
900 SQ ft in a strip mall?

Radtubeclamp says:

Have a look at the inprover video on youtube, search for DadTech Ltd Inprover Detection System , this will totally validate any property alarm system, it will prove to outsiders,whether it is, or is not a false alarm!

zareen malik says:

Hey alarm system won’t go just shows zone on the panel when I open the door.can you help me with that please?

si says:

Can you add a PIN for disarming from the panel?

foreigner says:

It can be disarmed without reentering the password? If so that sucks because if someone breaks in they can just shut it off in no time

Anthony Phillips says:

It's not an SD card slot, it a SIM card slot. The system can call your mobile or send you an SMS text message.

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