Best DIY Wireless Home Security System of 2018

Best DIY Wireless Home Security System of 2018

When it came to DIY Security Systems the only real product on the market was Simplisafe BUT I have found something 10x better as a quarter of the cost, with no annual fees!
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In this video The Deal Guy is reviewing an amazing DIY home security system that is an alarm system with many free addons. This best diy wireless home security is the best home security I have found for 2018.

This home security review is very similar to Simplisafe and is the best wireless home security system for 2018!


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Jill DeBow says:

I need two of these home security systems – nice find Matt – Thank you!

Sweeny Knight says:

Can you add extra camera I see you only get one

Pam Zimmerman says:

Great deal Matt!! Thanks!!

rita ruparel says:

Loved the security system

Nancy Smith says:

Always looking for Christmas gifts to stash away..keep the ideas coming

Heather Deitch says:

I will definitely be purchasing this home security system. Thanks for finding this deal!

J McCann says:

As I re-watched the DIY Security Systems you mentioned on sale now. I did not see nor ear any amount. TY, John

Bob Reynolds says:

DIY security system? Sure! I would try it! When would you look at Over-the-air antennas?

ronaldbmm says:

Matt, keep the great deals coming.

Derwyn Key says:

When is the best time to buy a large professional drone?

Muhammad Kayani says:

Amazing tech

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