DIY Home Security on a Budget

DIY Home Security on a Budget

➡ Outside camera – Floodlight Camera by ESCAM

➡ Indoors camera – YI 1080p Wifi Camera
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➡ Safe for guns, passports & electronics from Yuema
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My name is Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 20 years experience in VFX & animation.

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Brent Waters says:

Watching a video about video production technology, and Tom pulls out a gun near the end of the video. That was unexpected. How about just buying an insurance policy for your equipment?

Christoph Helms says:

Can't find the escam lights on Amazon…

Liquid Light Production says:

security is the key, but especially if you went to the US from Canada. Don't think you need this in any other country that much though

عمر ج says:

hi Tom, love your lower third..

Rubin lopez says:

If you guys love Tom Adams. You'll absolutely love Rubin Lopez 😁❤️

thecultguy says:


Rusty Bloke says:

wow! that's really cool!

unknown unknown says:

Love it you must be psychic because I was just thinking about buying some home security

Scott Stevenson says:

Very great video, such a vital topic. Security is so key. Thanks for the tips Tom!

Jacob Roberts says:

Tom, please note that there are 4 types of safes: Fire resistant safes protect contents from fire, but not from burglary. Burglar resistant safes protect against burglary, not not fire. Data safes are designed to protect electronic item such a hard drive and SD cards. They do not protect against theft. Then there are combination safes which are burglar resistant and fire resistant. These safes are more expensive.

Vasiliy Ivanishvili says:

escam – cheep and work!

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