DIY Home Security – ON A BUDGET!

DIY Home Security – ON A BUDGET!

In this video I’ll be showing you how to make a low cost DIY home security setup using recycled laptop webcams! Don’t forget to add security to your internet with NordVPN: use offer code “DIYPerks” for 66% off!

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Jade Tubio says:

Nice video 🙂 thanks!

Sonwabile Rwaxa says:

This is so cool, I always wondered if this was possible with phone cameras.

Andri Baghaskara says:


Hershal13 says:

This great setup but will only work as long as there is light. This setup will not work in low light or night time situation

Rannulfr says:

Also watch out when running a laptop with the lid closed. Some laptops use vents through the keyboard to draw in fresh air. I'd also put the laptop on a hard surface like a tile so it can draw in air better as opposed to the carpet blocking vents.

Shrek T says:

holy crap, ive been wanting some cheap and easy security camera setups. this is gold

Rannulfr says:

You can use USB over Ethernet to do long cable runs.

ayylasco says:

Thanks! another successful project i have.

Deepa RM says:

It connects via USB hun, so for folks out there without an old laptop could use a raspberry pi.

Zac Price says:

well I just did this with an old Compaq laptop I had laying around. My PC recognizes it as an HP webcam, but unfortunately there is no video. no drivers for it either, so thats a bummer. I will def try to find some more broken laptops to do this with, or just buy a bunch of the same webcams so I'm not trying to decipher the nearly microscopic wires anymore lol

level90 says:

Make a video how to use old phone camera plz.

Gordon Shallow says:

Can you just use those old external webcams the same way?

Amaury Ayala says:

Multimeter in beeping mode??? 🙄

Erick López says:

Amazing idea

LangyX says:

one of the better tutorials I have seen A+

jeboin1977 says:

9:11 minute video length on a home security video surveillance system. just for the 911 emergency alone you receive a thumbs up. Love your videos and i just subscribed.

Fusseldieb says:

I had like 5 or more of them laying in my old home but I didn't knew you could plug them directly on USB. I threw all modules away. I'm regretting it now…

Werner Boden says:

I use MotionEye os, which is freeware.
It runs on very small and cheap (single board) computers,
like the Raspberry Pi 3, with wifi and very low power consumption,
which allows it to run with (backup) batteries or power bank, like UPS.
Then you can even hide the entire computer from view.
The software allows for a multitude of cameras.
The Raspberry Pi 3 has 4 usb ports.
You can also connect IP cameras.
It has a lot of features, like motion detection.
it can store recordings locally or stream it to an external server/device
and it can notify you with an email (for instance), when motion is detected.
You can also connect to the SBC remotely to change settings and watch the feeds.
All in all, a very powerfull setup, and cheap.

Mitsay lee says:

I love it! But what about using cellphone cameras?

slayerjaz222 says:

Just need to run team viewer to remotely view the video feed

TheChronoFire says:

hey, this is a really cool project! My question has to do with storage and such. Is it possible to have captured and keep the footage for a certain amount of time or should I research something more robust?

Spectator says:

we can do that on camera phone?

Esteban Salas Lapostol says:

excellent project!! I want to make a full controlled domotic house and thanks this video I learn about the usb hub limitation. best regards.

Ridwan Maulana says:

awesome,…. Is there any distance between the camera and the laptop/Pc needs to be concerned ?

Trọng Anh Duy Vũ says:

Sorry will this work at night

TheCruiser18 Edwards says:

Hi mate the program you are using can you plug a external hdd in and set the cameras to record save in that folder?

Rodrigo Miranda says:

You should have used a raspberry or something like that. Great video anyway

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