DIY Home Security Systems: An Installation Guide and Walkthrough

DIY Home Security Systems: An Installation Guide and Walkthrough

DIY home security systems give you the freedom to tailor your home’s security to meet the needs of your family. Take control of your home today with Protect America’s customizable packages and line of best-in-class DIY solutions:

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Stop waiting around for a team of installers to finally show up at your doorstep. Instead, save money and time by taking control of your home security system with Protect America.

Whether you’re looking to add a couple of motion sensors in your home for added peace of mind while you’re away at work, or needing complete surveillance of your property–Protect America has you covered.

Our flexible pricing and DIY home security systems are professionally monitored, award-winning and have been protecting homes and families for over 25 years. If you have any questions throughout the installation process, one of our security experts will be more than happy to walk through the steps so you can feel comfortable and familiar with your new system.

When it’s time to transition your property into a smart home, count on Protect America to keep your home connected. Touchscreen panels, like the IQ2 security panel, are easy-to-use and can communicate with many other smart home security products. Smart thermostats and smart bulbs are excellent energy reducers while HD wireless video cameras provide your home an extra set of eyes while your family is away. What’s even better? You can control all of these products and receive notifications with the Protect America app.

Learn more about how DIY home security can bring flexibility and convenience to your home:

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**Video Transcript**
Being a DIY company means that you’re empowered to take control of your own security system. So if you have a specific need or something that’s going on at your location you just simply give us a call and we’re gonna guide you step by step.

It’s important to have security in your home for many reasons. Number one peace of mind whenever you’re away. Number two the safety of your family and your pets and number three full control of door locks and automation.

Avoid paying unnecessary cost for a technician and stay flexible with your schedule by doing a DIY security system with Protect America.




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