GetSafe DIY Home Security System

GetSafe DIY Home Security System

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Home security can seem a bit complicated. GetSafe aims to change that with a simple Do-It-Yourself starter kit – so how plug-n-play is it REALLY?

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Host: Jack Sui
Writer: Anthony Chow
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Mucheros says:

So can i wire the siren to my soundsystem, so everyone in 100m radius can hear someone breaking to my apartment?

Hristo Stanoev says:

i think the link might be broken

TGSP says:

so who won the contest for the omen laptop?

Facundo says:

Nice video, it's great to see you guys doing something else than PC and phone reviews.

Banana says:

Lol these will flood my network lIke crazy.

Moltar says:

the '!' broke the link

holzi says:

IoT and security are mutually exclusive.

1Jprios says:

really cool!

pike RDM says:

a gun is a good solution.

Deon Spates says:

Smart water bottles?

monkeyplayer1 says:

Qu!nn The Fanboy says:

4th comment

Mambo Fox says:

"posted 18 seconds ago, 3 views"

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