Home Security System with Samsung SmartThings Camera

Home Security System with Samsung SmartThings Camera

Set up your Home Security System with the Samsung SmartThings App. This Security system will be able to monitor your house when you are home, or when you are away. A smart home security DIY. The Samsung SmartThings App will sound the siren and alert your tablet or phone and turn on your security camera when there is an intruder. Home security is perfect for Monitoring your Smart Home.

Products used in this home security video are below:
SmartThings Hub http://amzn.to/2owrXj4
Aeotec Siren http://amzn.to/2w9ejb9
Aeotec New Triangle Door/Window Sensor http://amzn.to/2w9k74s
Aeotec Door/Window Sensor http://amzn.to/2w2XqRj
Samsung motion sensor http://amzn.to/2gbLJlP
Also Rex Barking Dog Alarm http://amzn.to/2w2PS0O

IFTTT Video on Home Security to make your speakers bark when motion is detected https://youtu.be/CVyZ6rKt9bA

The good thing about this home security is there are no monthly fees and you can get alerts on your phone or tablet when the alarm goes off. A security video camera can start capturing live stream when the alert happens. A home security system can allow even the busiest homeowner to keep an eye on even the most out of the way places from the comfort of a living room or home office.

We use the SmartThings Hub along with motion sensors, window / door sensors, and a siren. There is also a bonus feature on how scare away intruders with barking dogs.

SmartThings app has the Smart Home Monitor. Smart Home Monitor is an easy way to configure, control, and monitor your home’s security. The Smart Home Monitor can be configured in the app. The SmartThings App lets you remotely arm and disarm your entire system and also allows for the creation of rules. You can set SmartThings to notify you by sending a text or email, and triggering sirens.

These are the products featured in this Home Security video – Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus, 105dB siren with strobe alerts, Aeotec Door / Window Sensor 6, Z-Wave Plus magnetic contact, Paintable any color, Security & Automation, and Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW120 Door / Window Sensor. The motion sensor is the Samsung SmartThings motion sensor.

Also the barking dog alarm – Safety Technology International, Inc. ED-50 Rex Plus Electronic Watchdog, Barking Dog Alarm

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Can you use the ADT window and doors sensors with this device?

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I love Smartthing. I was one of their original kickstarter backers. It still works great today.

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Hey there, do you know of a good outdoor motion sensor for Smartthings? All the ones I have tried die or the batteries explode. I used it to trigger lights on in the house when motion in my driveway. Or would I be better off just getting an arlo pro camera which can also trigger the lights? Thanks 🙂

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Why do you use smart things hub over Fibaro hc2

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