How to Install a Home Security System

How to Install a Home Security System

A home security system can allow even the busiest homeowner to keep an eye on even the most out of the way places from the comfort of a living room or home office. This video shows how to install multiple cameras, cabling, monitor and a digital video recorder.



Sidney Briscoe says:

That was hillarious! Fantastic video!

Luis Casarez says:

yeah, bad idea running cable outside. If anything, use conduit so that it isnt very easy to damage the cable.

Victor Rodriguez says:

I don't agree with exposing the cable like this @1:30 , a thief can easily cut the wire. Best practice is to hide wire or keep up high away from reach. But good video tho. 🙂

Lookout Cam says:

Gee all i have to do is cut the wire…. easy break in

Josh Bohan says:

I've been installing CCTV for 10 years, this video is a joke. Swann is cheap and nasty.
No HDD smarts. IR LEDs burn out. Contrast blows out in 2-3 years. I would never leave exposed cable, and the pre-made leads leave little room for HD upgrade later with HD-SDI, AHD or TVI protocols. To honest SD a waste of time, I expected this video to be 5 years old but it was uploaded a year ago, well after HD systems became affordable.

Jogo g says:

You ever hard of snaking wires behind walls instead of drilling through the hard wood floors, you should stick to what you know like floating you fat ass in the pool, most likely from East Hartford where they new little

fullraph says:

Worst possible placement for a DVR, burglars will see it, laugh and take off with it.


Put the cord nice and low to the ground so someone can cut it.

Cartoon Planes in the sky says:

Erase the hard drive after you bury your wife's body. Just sayin.

Yaqub Tareen says:

thank you sir

Infinity & says:

how cabels are long?

Alex _TheGeekery says:

Also this is TERRIBLE quality video for 2015… get a new Video Camera

Alex _TheGeekery says:

You really should put junction boxes on the connections from the camera to the cable

Random Thoughts says:

Why would you install the cable in such a manner that they can easily be cut? Never run cables on the outside of the home! You should use a tape and run them through walls.

Man Turquoise says:

you are awesome!

WilliamShat says:

Nice Bullshit video!! 4:38 you can see whoever did your CG work really had their head up their ass, as you tell the overlay on the laptop is fake.

Cecelia The Corgi Shepard says:

What is the tool that's makes large holes in the floor??

gretscher says:

Thanks for the video but if you are putting up the security system then you are concerned with burglars and other criminals so won't they just cut the wires that you have running on the outside of the home? Would it make more sense to have the wires run up thru the attic so they can't cut the wires so easily? With cameras low enough they can just break them so they must be high I would think. What do you think?

Hank Mauro says:

I may be doing this soon for a living and my last thought was. What a waste of a perfectly good old school cell phone. And they need marriage counseling.

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