How to Install Your Own Security System

How to Install Your Own Security System

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Kevin O’Connor helps a homeowner install a wireless alarm system. (See below for the shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Install Your Own Security System:
– Wireless alarm system
– Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
– Video security camera

Tools List for How to Install Your Own Security System:
– Cordless drill

Steps for How to Install Your Own Security System:
1. Pick a central location in the house and plug the base station into an electrical outlet.
2. Install an entry sensor on the front door by first pulling the plastic tab to activate the internal battery.
3. Peel off the protective paper from the back of the battery sensor to expose the adhesive strip. Press the sensor onto the door.
4. Remove the peel-and-stick backing from the magnetic sensor and press it onto the door’s side jamb, making sure to align it with the battery sensor.
5. Repeat the previous three steps to install entry sensors on windows and other exterior doors.
6. Mount a wireless motion sensor to the wall just inside the front door.
7. Install wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors throughout the house.
8. Mount the digital control keypad to the interior wall right beside the front door.
9. Program a personal pass code into the keypad for arming and disarming the alarm system.
10. You can also operate the system with a key fob or smartphone app on your cell phone.
11. Configure the video security camera to your home’s Wi-Fi system.
12. Plug the camera into an electrical outlet. Then test the system.

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Samaantha Jones says:

Great alarm system. Thanks for the informative video.

Altaf Ladhani says:

the only problem with this system is that,,it will not send you any push notification or calls in time of robbery..unless you pay 20 dollars a month and 240 dollars a year to notify you incase of robbery, while some other systems will send you ..and you don't need to buy their monthly service…

Tony Marinelli says:

This system looks like Mattel made it.

Marcaveli7 says:

Stick everything to the walls with tape and if you didn't do it right, enjoy calling the police and fire department yourself when your equipment sends false alarms! Good luck with that!

Marcaveli7 says:

Mount anything attached to the wall with screws. Otherwise, when you try to pull the sensors off the wall they'll pull off a patch of paint with it

Spy Cam says:

they have everything

homes24 says:

false sense of security

chamboyette853 says:

This video is bogus because in the 12th century knights didn't need alarm systems. They defended what they had with honor.

Tom Rinehart says:

Would buy one for my home if it didn't look so outdated and cheap

tren van says:

battery will last 3 days? 500 foot range? why not position the motion in a corner as it is designed? what's the monthly cost? the first two seem like a wild stretch of capabilities. who is monitoring? are they ul rated? most of these types of systems do not use cellular communication but rely on your landline internet.. alarm grid will sell you a proper diy system if that's what you are after.

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