How to Make Your Own Affordable HomeKit Security Camera

How to Make Your Own Affordable HomeKit Security Camera

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Jayden Ly says:

Can you view the footage from anywhere?

Jivan Pandey says:

How many cameras can we connect to Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B+?
Do we need any specific model of camera or any camera available in the market will work?

Harris Mosqueda says:

Im not gonna try this.. sorry

DJ Cappa says:

Can you use a raspberry pi zero w ?

An Pranger says:

Love being able to spy on my dogs>>>  Easy to use phone app. Great night vision. 2 way mic lets me say hello.

Alessandro Massimo says:

Nice Video! Can you explain why this is not working on a raspberry Pi Zero W V.1.1?

Hucksleyy says:

is there a way to grab the video to save on a NAS

Shobin JA says:

How to make the project for multiple cameras 📷 from a single raspberry pi and to connect with AppleHome.

Hucksleyy says:

Is is possible to attach this camera to a nas or Synology ? 🙂 would make for a perfect camera system if I also add a motion sensor to the pi in HomeKit aswell 🙂

Erich Stein says:

R pi 3 + camera module and all hardware is probably more than cost of POE camera all assembled & ready to go.

Pavan Kumar Sikhakolli says:

is it compatible with raspberry pi B+?

Pavan Kumar Sikhakolli says:

I see this is very interesting video eager to try one for myself. But I have couple questions. 1) Is camera connects to raspberry board wireless
2)Can I see video from any where through my phone. Please clarify. eagerly waiting to have one my self

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