How to make your own Security system|DIY Arduino Security sytem

How to make your own Security system|DIY Arduino Security sytem

This is another Electronics DIY project of mine
It is a security system that i built for my room. The access is controlled by a PIN or an RFID tag.
An ATMega328P controls the Drop Bolt solenoid that locks the door. MFRC 522 reader and a 4×4 keypad are used here. A backup power supply is needed inside the room to make it failsecure although i wouldnt recommend it without testing your system’s reliability. To exit the room a button is to be pressed that would momentarily disable the lock. RFID tags can be added or removed without needing to reprogram. The system can be reset using another button provided inside.
RFID libraries are readily available, but programming knowledge is required.The system can be modified to fit a car so that ignition is controlled by the keypad like Jason Statham’s car.

Part links:
RFID reader
Drop bolt solenoid
Power adaptor



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Wow this is an amazing project!! (should be a product) amazing work and video! Instant subscribe looking forward to seeing more and watching you grow!

Thomas Ho says:

Where's the sketch?

Gamer Boy Biki says:

What height require for duke 200

Blessen Alex says:

Awesome diy man

Reevan Miranda says:

Finally an upload after a long time! Great project.. Do more projects like these.

Arv Trad says:

Excellent hat's off🤔

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