Ring Alarm System – NOT What I Expected

Ring Alarm System – NOT What I Expected

Ring Alarm System, for only $10 a month how low end must this system be. Well in this video i test out the capabilities of the system and see what it’s all about.

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Jeffrey Cleghorn says:

I think that the statement, "that siren is scaring them out of there for sure" may be an exaggeration. The Electronic Security Association suggests that home security systems don't necessarily deter burglars, but rather that they limit how much time thieves spend in the house. Still, what might have been a very thorough ransacking may be reduced to a quick smash and grab.

Juan Carlos Hendez says:

Excellent job! New subscriber, extremely helpful info! 👌🏽

Greg Williams says:

Can I connect my existing Nest cameras to the Ring security system?

Warframe Squad says:

the trash thing is that i cant buy the ring alarm kit because its not in Australia, Its only in America :/

John Carr says:

got it and love it!

Nick Clark says:

What happens if the router/modem freezes up and you lose wifi?  Couldn't a thief cut the cable internet line to the house and disarm it?

William Huddleston says:

You get what you pay for when it comes to security. Ring, simply safe, and nest security run through the WiFi in the home. The $10 a month sounds great until a burglar sees your Ring or simply safe sign and either 1, go to the side of your home and just flip your breaker box off turning off your WiFi making your “security” useless. Or 2, get a universal garage remote controller to jam the door contacts sensors and just walk on in to the home. Those garage controllers go for about $2 on Amazon by the way. Don’t rely on your families protection from some guy that’s sponsored by a company. Do your research.

Factory400 says:

Any device that relies solely on ISM radio signals is NOT a security device.
I would not consider this system even if it was free.

Voodoo-13 says:

My only prob with this system is the wifi only there is no cellular backup im also looking at simply safe because has both. I presently have a bunch of ring cameras like their prolucts and service and dumping my present alarm sys provider.

David Stockton says:

I have a Question: would this system do anything if I didn't want to pay the $10/month?

Would if notify me through the app if I were away and there was an entry?

Would if notify me through the app if I it were in stay mode and there was an entry?

Nathan Ark says:

I have the SimpliSafe interactive plan, can add as many cameras as you want, and they have a case to put on their camera to make it weatherproof, if you don't have their video doorbell. Great company and easy to use!

Christopher Jue says:

Props to the officer for being super cool.

lifewithjesse says:

Since it's wireless a cheap $5 wifi scrambler will kill your alarm.

Kim Pitre says:

Great video !

Kim Pitre says:

We just purchased the set from costco wholesale club, cant wait to install it. Very affordable.

skiman24 says:

No thanks Ring just got hacked and hackers were able to access the cameras and two way communication and were scaring lil kids

siriuset says:

Thanks for the great review. I’m considering replacing my expensive ADT system with the Ring system. The only thing I hesitate about is your comment about the sensors being so large. My wife is an interior designer and I want to make sure that they are not unsightly, particularly at the front door.

BidCrushr says:

Great video. I’ve owned my RING system for nearly a year now and I LOVE IT. It’s very reliable and you can’t beat the $10 per month price. I switched to RING from Vivint whom was charging me $55 a month and didn’t include half the service I get from my ring system. I had my Vivint system for about 15 yrs and RING changed that for me. It’s definitely a do it yourself system and easy to do. Also the equipment has a lifetime warranty IF you subscribe to the $10 monthly monitoring and NEVER let it lapse. Very important to remember. I really love my system and am saving over $540 a year compared to Vivint.

Dilan Jay says:

For sure this video was super helpful

Rod Dennis says:

Hello. Marry Christmas.

"Thee Wife" purchased the ring doorbell for me as a gift for Christmas. So i decided to research on Youtube and came across your channel.

Glad I did. Very helpful in making a decision to purchase the home security system.


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