Ring Alarm vs SimpliSafe Security System Review

Ring Alarm vs  SimpliSafe  Security System Review

Note: SimpliSafe now gives you the option to self-monitor, but you won’t be able to use the app. After a recent update, Ring now works with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Cellular backup is only available with the Ring Protect Plus plan.

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#Ring and #SimpliSafe are two of the most popular security companies around, but which one is right for you? This video will go over the differences in their installation, components, monitoring plans, and more, helping you to make your buying decision.

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Time Stamps:

0:22 Table of Contents
0:54 Key Similarities
1:12 Key Differences
1:40 Installation
4:25 Professional Monitoring
6:46 Customer Support
8:00 Mobile Application
9:38 Recap

Can’t choose between #RingAlarm and #SimpliSafe for your home’s security? You’ve come to the right place. Ring Alarm and SimpliSafe both have okay app ratings, flexibly, monthly contracting, and DIY installation. A key difference is professional monitoring. All SimpliSafe systems include 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup, while Ring Alarm gives you the option to self-monitor. Plus, their most expensive plan only costs $10 a month, $5 less than SimpliSafe’s least expensive plan. In this review, I’ll go over their system components, installation processes, professional monitoring options, customer support, and apps.

Gabe Turner is Security Baron’s Director of Content.

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Pierre Rene says:

Have you done any Wi-Fi extender reviews?

M says:

I have been watching Simpli safe and yes I noticed many complaints especially on there site by customers who were frustrated. And yet I am so drawn to take a chance as they seem to be striving to address customer complaints. As for Ring well I just read that people are complaining about the camera/app shutting down or super slow, or not responding. Sadly with so many fake reviews many by the companies competing with reviews instead of good demonstrations as you are providing its always doubt in a consumers mind. One thing I did not hear you mention in regards to Ring on Amazon is that after adding Ring to my cart it said echo was needed. So is that if you buy the security monitoring service or if you want to use Alexa. And is Echo Dot necessary for self monitoring. Also Deep Sentinel keeps popping up have you did a review on that home security system? Woo that was a mouthful so if you reply thank you for reading and patience. Happy Holiday may we all be safe with or without a security system.

J Mark Ashe says:

I want to use the Simply Save system, but it has no doorbell system. Makes me want to get both and somehow link them.

John Miller says:

SimpliSafe is $50/month if you want monitoring with mobile alerts as well as smoke detection. Expensive

C A says:

dude ring basic plan is for ONE CAMERA…if you want to have the basic plan on multiple cameras, you need multiple basic plans

Alliejen12345 says:

Fantastic video!!

Greg Lange says:

This was very informative. Thanks Gabe!

Jerett Sanderson says:

Great video this will really help me make a decesion on which security to pick.

Darryl Barnes says:

Very thorough. Thank you, as I am considering which of these to install. They both are very close in comparison. I do like the fact that with Ring I have the option to self-secure if I want rather than having to subscribe to a service. Great channel!

Jeremiah Ruanes says:

Hi, do you think Ring security kit will work outside the US? Thanks

Steve Nelson says:

Over all your video helped me decide but you missed hardware costs, quality.

Michael Casile says:

Quick question … my ADT charges me extra for the communication that goes along with the monitoring (basically a separate cell signal). Do the monitoring costs for Ring and Simplisafe already take this into account? Seems like they would since they talk about no need for a landline, but I would like to be sure that when we talk about monitoring for $30/year or $15/month … that that really is the cost. Thanks,

Bill Adams says:

This is the one I needed to ma decision!

Devyn Caldwell says:

It should be noted that Simplisafe does now offer self monitoring.

Chris says:

Where is the value that you add to this “review”? You basically just read the specs to us and then you rely on Amazon ratings to say which one is better? Have you even used these? Where is your experience with these products? Production was ok but your audio is so low I had to max the volume to hear you over normal background noise. Overall this was a waste of my time. I can read the specs/prices and Amazon reviews too, I don’t need someone to read them to me. SMH…

Krishna Mohan says:

You did not mention, glass break sensor are not available with ring alarm..

vlthompson3 says:

A few points:
1. In case of the contact sensors, it doesn't matter whether the large unit or the magnet gets placed on the door. What matters is that an alert is generated once the connection is broken.
2. Simplisafe does come preconfigured but does not come by default with enough sensors to fully secure a home. Adding new sensors is the same as the process for Ring; scan the bar code and place in the desired location. It takes a negligible amount of time and is a non-issue, especially for DIYers.
3. Simplisafe uses 3M adhesive to attach its components, which makes it easy to replace or relocate without damaging the surface it is connected to. Ring uses a super-strong adhesive that removes the attached surface when trying to replace, but armed with that knowledge there is no reason the adhesive cannot be replaced with 3M prior to installation.
4. Simplisafe 2nd Generation system is not backward compatible with the 1st generation contact sensors. Since to upgrade I would have been required to buy a whole new system, I decided to try Ring. I have not been disappointed in the least.
5. Ring offers far more options in terms of indoor/outdoor cameras than Simplisafe. Since this is a wireless system you do need to be considerate of the distance from an access point and whether range extenders are required.

This reviewer gave the nod to Simplisafe in a couple of areas based on other reviews, which can't be considered reliable Those recommendations would carry a lot more weight if they were based on personal experience.

Simplisafe is a decent system that I would likely have stayed with had I not been required to purchase a whole new system when I decided to upgrade, but I am so happy that they did. Ring offers a greater degree of flexibility in its implementation.

Ring offers Neighbors app, which is intended to serve as a social media type Neighborhood watch where the user can post suspicious/criminal activity. You do not need to be a Ring subscriber and it is free. In theory, this app is an amazing concept. In practice, I think too many users see suspicious activity where there is none. If Ring established guidelines and moderated the post it would be phenomenal. The Neighbors app aside, for my money Ring, is a far superior offering.

S says:

Hi, what are your thoughts on the claims that SimpliSafe can be easily hacked?

Bruce Sundberg says:

This is the perfect video for me since I am considering these 2 programs. From your video, I have come to the conclusion that the Simplisafe is the superior program, I still want the Ring doorbell cam.

Sean McDonald says:

The more I watched these home security system videos, I realized with all this recognition technology there's something very wrong. If we allow this technology we are going to fall into the 1984 prison world. This stuff is starting to look like communist China. At the end of the day, I'd rather have my guns.

T M says:

Over a 10-year period, monitoring with Simplysafe is $1,800, whereas Ring can be free (self-monitoring). Very big price difference here for units that are largely similar. I go with Ring.

Beatriz Romero says:

So now I can use the simplisafe app without paying ?

Stuart Campbell says:

Thanks for the review I've pre ordered the Ring Alarm from Amazon out in the UK next month. Cheers

Justin Wisniewski says:

Excellent video.

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