SimpliSafe Home Security System Review

SimpliSafe Home Security System Review

SimpliSafe is the fastest-growing name in home security, with DIY systems and no long-term contracts.They’ve already protected over two million Americans, but I wanted to see for myself how their security systems work.

In this review, I discuss SimpliSafe’s Summerfort Home Security System which includes a base station, wireless keypad, entry, motion, and glassbreak sensors, a security camera, a panic button, key fobs, and an auxiliary siren. As the majority of the system’s components are wireless, you can install the system without any professional help. All plans come with 24/7 live alarm monitoring and a cellular connection.

I’ll go over how well the system works, how easy it was to set up, and what your professional monitoring options are. Then, I’ll discuss customer support and finally, the SimpliSafe app, your mobile command center.

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Thomas Rhodes says:

What powers the sensors?

Vanessa Orengo says:

Very helpful. Thanks!

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:

Thanks Very informant video

carlissa millner Sagittarius says:

It's no bad just need a little better monitor and camera feature I really need one your great a explaining these things great job you deserve a promotion

John Buettner says:

Does the base need to be well hidden, or is it smash proof?

Kirk Wohler says:

Great, professional video. Great Job!

HarleyQuinn257 says:

Do you have any favourite cameras,? Im looking for something to use outdoors, but it must handle -30 degrees

Alex Felix says:

Protect your home, Protect your family. "Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Home Security Systems" J.D Power and Associates. Click the link below, call for consultation and use promo code – PAYS222re

Sister Tfue says:

This isn’t a review this is a paid ad. Simpli Safe is by far the worst system you can get. The reason other companies charge around 50 a month is because the quality of equipment you’re getting. It’s like going in to get a cell phone. You can either come out of pocket to cover the cost of equipment or devide it up and add it to the monthly and pay it off over time me. Your comparing the simpli safe equipment that is no different then buying a radio shack alarm with phone app controls to an apple or a Samsung s9 of alarms. Research how to bypass any security and simpli safe is the easiest one to do.

i vdub says:

House robber reviews security systems.

Marc B. says:

I've had this system LONGGGG before it was this popular. Paid only like $300 for a rather big system, guess it pays to be one of the new customers:)
I don't have these new designs of everything, but it works perfectly to this day. No signs or labels either…it tells the idiots that are going to TRY and breaking, which system you have. NEVER post them!!! I mean it might make a teen dope run away. But a real thief will know how to defeat the system you have. I see all these 'Brinks' and other security systems sings in yards,… it just free advertising for the company, and it give the thieves time to think of a way to get past your system.

Good Steward says:

I love mine! When I move, It'll be moving with me (cameras, doorbells, and sensors).

Felicia Webster says:

Your in dept review of this product has me totally sold.

zzzzVIDEOSzzzz says:

I've installed hardwire and wireless security systems for 25+ years. I'm not a big fan of console systems. If I was the burglar breaking in and saw that beacon thing or the console making noise. I could smashed them within the typical entry delay of 30 seconds. Do these console systems still work if the console or keypad are destroyed?
The system I used to put in would consist of a locked main panel in a metal box that would be installed out of sight in closet somewhere. If the remote keypads get destroyed, the main panel or the brain of the system would still work and would only need about 10-15 seconds to be alive after the siren had triggered to get the signal to central station after which it wouldn't matter if the burglar found the main box and destroyed it since it already sent the signal.

Donald Kotz says:

This review is very well done. My only complaint was you didn't cover how is low battery detected, battery types necessary and how to install

Benia Bickmore says:

is the camera outdoor ready? Or should I look at something different for monitoring the front porch

Cinmorj Videos says:

Is simplisafe compatible with the IQ Panel 2 smart hub?

Howard James says:

with a signal jammer, it will jam it and you can break in

John Hilman says:

Not true. My cams have two way audio. Also motion detectors do pick up my dogs. Solved the latter by mounting it at about 5 feet high and upside down so it scans from sensor position up. Short burglers could get by them but… probably not my dogs.

Danny Rubio says:

This is a great review

Lynn S. says:

Great detail. I was hoping you would speak on the topic of what happens if someone unplugs your system after entering your home. What protects you then?

Andrew Rood says:

An excellent well-balanced review. As an owner of the original SimpliSafe system, I am curious as to how long the system will operate when the electricity fails? I replaced the 1000mAH NIMH batteries in the base unit with 2500 mAH batteries to increase the time to 24 hours. Thanks again, for a good review.

Daniel Bacon says:

Good video ! Thanks!

Robert Lewis says:

Can you add a different camera to simply safe

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