The Best Smart Home Security System | Home 8 Systems 90 Day Review

The Best Smart Home Security System | Home 8 Systems 90 Day Review

90 day review of the Home8 Security System. I honestly think this is the best one out there.
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Home8 Video-Verified Security System – Wireless Home Security Alarm System with HD Camera, Alarm Sensors, Indoor Siren, and Free Basic Service –



Kevin The Tech Ninja says:


James Saure says:

Hi Kevin, at 0:18 I was wondering what tree lamp that is in the background?

Noah Huynh says:

Can you set which sensor to be active and which to be inactive? For instance when I go to bed at night I don't want my bedroom sensor to be on because I may move around in bed and accidentally trigger the alarm however I want my living room and kitchen sensor to be active.

Trumps21 says:

Hey Kevin. I recently purchased the Home8 kit. In a large part due to your videos. I'm also liking the system so far, and tempted to get a couple more Add-ons. I'm also kinda hoping there'll be some integration with the Apple home kit and the Ecobee thermostat.

SurreallTV says:

not for THAT price(s)!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

Bruh says:

Is this better than a normal home security company? or even cheaper?

Westwoodone R says:

u have the link kevin? didnt see it!!!

iAm English-TV says:

Dope video bro!

OTechTime says:

Awesome review bro. Very insightful and I'm feeling the out to music. Dope

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