Top 5 Best Security Systems of 2019

Top 5 Best Security Systems of 2019

Here we will review the Top 5 Best DIY Security Systems of 2019. Qolsys took the cake this year.. will 2020 bring anything different?

We choose these DIY home security systems because they all offer at least 1-way encryption from sensors back to the main control panel.

Each of these systems is also a Dual-Path security system meaning they have two modes of communicating signals back to the central station servers.

In addition, all of these systems in their own right integrate into various third parties such as Apple Homekit, Nest thermostats, Rachio Sprinklers, Lutron Lights, Chamberlin MY Q garage doors, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

The Last aspect of all of these security systems is that they have access to their own DIY security camera lines.

Best Security Systems of 2019

1)Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus –

2)DSC Compatible Iotega –

3)Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Regular –

4)Honeywell Lyric Controller –

5)Alula Connect Plus –

How we review the Top 5 Best Security Systems of 2019?

We have rigorously tested and evaluated these DIY systems /gadgets for home and businesses to come up with a ranking scale. We have allotted 20 percent to price, 20 percent to user-friendliness, 20 percent to aesthetics and 40 percent to features and integrations.

What is DIY Security and DIY Systems?

DIY Security can mean that you plan on self-installing a wireless security system. It can also mean that you have a system set up already and you only want to receive a text or email when your alarm system goes into alarm, the ability to arm/disarm remotely, control Z-wave devices, view ip cameras from an interactive app and then you do the dispatching yourself. Let us know if you have questions.

Full Product Reviews:

1)Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus – 16:25
2)DSC Compatible Iotega – 13:04
3)Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Regular – 7:56
4)Honeywell Lyric Controller – 3:46
5)Alula Connect Plus – 0:00

Professional VS DIY Alarm Monitoring Services Explained:

No matter which security system you end up going with GEOARM Security recommends that you go with some sort of alarm monitoring service either DIY or Professional. The reason why is because when you have either of these monitoring services you will get free tech support where our techs can remotely access your panel to assist you with installation, programming, troubleshooting and more. All of these systems are able to offer interactive alarm monitoring services using, Total Connect 2.0 or Alula app services. These services will allow consumers to remotely check panel status, arm/disarm, control automation devices and view compatible ip cameras. DIY Monitoring Services-

Total Connect 2.0 DIY Monitoring Services-

Alula DIY Monitoring Services-

Why is DSC Power G the best wireless sensors on the market?

The combination of technologies; Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) synchronized communication, and Advanced Encryption Standard (128AES) gives PowerG immense strength to deliver a new, advanced alarm system that provides unmatched advantages.

Battery-Saving Powers: Each device continuously measures communication quality and automatically sets its transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication with the panel. Full, two-way synchronized communication ensures minimum, short transmissions. These significantly extend the battery life of PowerG devices to exceed 8 years.

Multi-Layer Sensor Encryption: Signals continuously hop between channels in a random sequence, avoiding interferences and jamming. TDMA communication ensures RF collisions are eliminated.

Huge transmission range: PowerG employs advanced radio and diversity antenna technologies that, when combined with frequency hopping and synchronized TDMA communication, result in an extremely large range far greater than the industry standard.

Learn More about Power G –

Home Automation Devices:

Future Panel Firmware, Feature and Integration Updates Below:

IQ Panel 2 Plus – Facial Recognition, Eaton Light Integration.
IQ Panel 2 – Same as above
DSC Iotega –
Lyric Controller –
Alula Connect –

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If you have an existing security system Geoarm can usually re-use these systems to provide you with no long contract alarm monitoring services.

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Underdog Rising says:

I'm seriously considering getting the IQ Panel 2+. I want something more robust than Nest but cheaper than a monthly service like ADT. I also want to still be able to pay for a service to automatically call police if I have a break in. I'm a little worried about setting it up. I also want something I can monitor from work through a cellphone or if I'm on a trip. Another problem is that I want something I can supplement over time. I can't afford to pay for everything up front. I have 4 doors and 8 windows so the cost is much higher. Can I add sensors and cameras as I go? Thanks for your time.

Elliot Joffetti says:

Can you bypass sensor individually on the honeywell lyric system?

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