Unboxing and Full Demonstration of the Digoo HOSA Home Security Alarm

Unboxing and Full Demonstration of the Digoo HOSA Home Security Alarm

A new version is now available which supports 3G cellphone networks. The Banggood website page can be found here: http://bit.ly/2xQkvFl

Extra sensors and remotes: http://bit.ly/2vfsnhzHOSApts
A complete system, including all additional sensors and Siren, is available here: http://bit.ly/2wzZcHH
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Brand Digoo
Model Digoo DG-HOSA
Wireless GSM&WIFI&3G DIY Smart Home Security Alarm Systems
Size 185mm x 125mm x 14.7mm / 7.28″ x 4.92″ x 0.57″
Screen 2.4 Inch TFT Large Digital Display Screen
Function Daily Date/Clock Indication
Operating Syste with Multitasking Design
Automatic Alarm Indicate when Offline
APP Function Support APP Remote Arm/disarm
parameter setting and accessory management
Learning/Storage Location Support up to 100 Learning/Storage Location for Remote Control and Wireless Detector
Record Function Record 20 Seconds Alarm Voice
if alarm occurs, the alarm host will dial preset number and play the record vioce
Timer Function Can set automatic arm/disarm time according to your own routine time,avoiding repeated operation or miss arm/disarm
Support Timing Arm and Disarm
Nertwork Support WIFI/GSM/3G/GPRS Intranet Alarm System
Support Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intrannet center Alarm, to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)
Telephone Function Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number, SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively
Support SMS Alarm/Disarm and Voice Alarm/Disarm
Defense Zone Support Support gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water leaking ect.
Daily Operation Remote Control
Remote SMS
Mobile phone APP
GPRS Alarm Center
Language Support English, Chinese, German Three Language Setting
Input voltage DC5V
Working Current 120mA
Standby current 80uA
Siren output 500mA
Wireless frequency 433MHz
Wireless Coding EV1527
GSM Bands 850/900/1800/1900MHz
WIFI Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n Wirless Standard
Back up Battery 3.7v/500mAh Lithium Battery
Working Temperature 0~50℃
Relative Humidity 80%RH

Package Included :

1 x Digoo DG-HOSA Wireless GSM/WIFI/3G/GPRS DIY Smart Home Security Alarm Host
1 x Digoo DG-HOSA Wireless PIR Detector
2 x Digoo DG-HOSA Wireless Remote Controller
2 x Digoo DG-HOSA Door Window Sensor
4 x Digoo DG-HOSA Assist Installation Screw
4 x Digoo DG-HOSA Wall-in Fixed Rubber Block
1 x Digoo DG-HOSA 1M USB Power Cable (Simply 5V 1A Required)
1 x Digoo DG-HOSA Full English User Manual



Agogohome Agogohome says:

Hi guys.
Some customers that live in Australia say they were unable to connect to 3G networks, since the HOSA only supports 2G. Digoo have now released a new version that supports it. Here's the the latest product: http://bit.ly/2xQkvFl

orange70383 says:

So does it send you a message to your phone if you're away. Or does it just use wi-fi to alert your phone and if so what's the range. What's the range of the remote sensors, what's the alarms db, is it adaptable to add more remote sensors. Is their peripherals available for things like smoke, carbon monoxide etc. How long between chargings for the base unit, does it come with a wall type charger, can it be hooked up to 5v dc permanently. Is each system addressable or is there a chance of interference from another unit. What is the operational temperature range for both the main unit and remote sensors. What is the sweep range of the motion detector, can it be adjusted to ignore pets. These are just some questions that you normally find answers to from the back of the products box.

Ovidiu Sopa says:

I can see you disarm only by pressing a button, why it doesn't asks for a disarm code? Do you have the option to only disarm using a code ? Thanks for the review.

Samy Bendou says:

Hello, did you find a solution to the power ON/OFF button issue ? The problem is that if you press the button for 5 seconds approximately, it turns off the system and disable the alarms and siren. Thanks for your answer and sorry for my english !

nz dem says:

Yeah but you still have time to turn it off before the entry delay counts down. And before you say you can hind the base unit ( which is what the manufacturers answer was) it kind of makes it a little difficult to put the code in

Dawid J says:

Could you do the following test: press the arming alarms button on the remote control and hold this button pressed, at the same time try to disconnect the window-door sensor (reed switch) or any other sensor. Has the alarm started? These cheap Chinese alarms are underdeveloped. The signal from the remote control blocks the signal from the sensor. The thief will come with his transmitter and the alarm will not react. Sorry for my English but I hope you know what I mean.

nz dem says:

unless im missing something it seems to me that all you have to as a thief is walk in and press and hold in the power for three seconds on code needed!! Total worthless as a security alarm

minecraft freak says:

How long does the keypad battery last

Bogdan Sladaru says:

Be warned – it does NOT have support for 3G SIM cards. If your operator has only 3G support, don't buy this alarm!
I purchased the alarm because they advertised the 3G support; when I got it, I put the SIM and it didn't detect the network. I emailed Digoo and their answer was "Please make sure that the 3G SIM card you used is support GSM. Almost all of the 3G SIM cards in the world support GSM either.".
So the 3G support is a lie, be warned!

Agogohome Agogohome says:

Sorry for the late replies, everyone. YouTube has only just posted the comments!

Andy Garag says:

what about the app functionality? does it give you an alarm on the phone? does it send emails? etc

Enerio Romero says:

Im unable to register on the app

john g says:

Do you still like the system? Any issues to add since you installed? Good video, thanks, JohnG

Andydoesitall says:

When I try to use the app it says get verification code by mobile so I enter my cell number then it does a countdown but I never receive code.

orestesdd says:

Can you arm it or disarm it from outside after you close the door?

orestesdd says:

How much does it cost? Is it available in the USA? If available in the USA, where can I buy it? Thank you for your video.

Jonatan Silveira says:

Nice ! Do you know if the alarm system can call your cell phone through de GSM and Wifi ? Thanks


how do you set it so has password lock, i see just hit buttons unlock and lock no password needed


what is app called? where can you get manual if lost yours or did not get one

JPG23 says:

Thanks for a great review, I only would recommend putting on some music that's a bit more uplifting or cheery if you get my drift, I nearly fell asleep. You still get a thumbs up

John Doe says:

Great review, can I know how far the accessories can be placed away from the main panel ? Thank you

Andydoesitall says:

I see you didn't test the motion sensor. How has the motion sensor been and the battery battery life? Does it take the same battery as the door sensors?

Agogohome Agogohome says:

Having had time to use this a bit longer, I discovered that internal battery does only last about 30 minutes in the event of a power cut. However, I've found a way around that: the solution is to power it from a power bank and have a charger plugged into that. Now it will run for several hours. I hope that helps… where I live, we have frequent power cuts.

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