We Tested the Ring Alarm – Then this Happened

We Tested the Ring Alarm  – Then this Happened

In this video we tested the Ring Alarm home security system and the Police came to our house. Ring Alarm is a wireless security kit and the installation was easy, however we were not expecting the police to show up. We were doing a ring alarm review of the wireless home security features, setup, settings, and installation.

We like this alarm because you can have professional monitoring for $10 a month or $100 a year. If you already have Ring cameras and signed up for their protect plus plan, then the monitoring is already included.

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HomeAutomationX says:

Do you have the Ring Alarm Installed in your Home? How is it working out?

Jayme Romero says:

You pay for their services, so don’t feel bad.

Riley the cool Guy says:

With my ring alarm 🚨 THE POLICE CAME IN MY APT BC DUM Maintenance staff didn’t not figure it out even though I have instructions!

Luke says:

How much was the False Alarm fee?

M Pac says:

never been here. she hot af

Jay Shattuck says:

Perverts with cameras in their own home. Do you live in Syria. Ridiculous

MR.Techroid says:

I wish the LAPD would be that fucking quick to respond

MR.Techroid says:

Damm no disrespect but you are fine àss hell !

Shing Chen says:

Does the Ring Alarm system work with smartthings? Can it be a secondary z-wave controller to SmartThings?

jayw654 says:

She said "opps" a little too lightly. She doesn't seem to realize she isn't the only person in the world and likely delayed help from someone that truly needed it. BTW if you read the instructions it clearly tells you that it bypasses all delay and reaches out to the police.

gsweater says:

Not sure what she reviewed, had the volume off and pants down.

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