3 inexpensive DIY backsplash ideas that will blow you away

3 inexpensive DIY backsplash ideas that will blow you away

Contractor, Brian McCourt shows us how to personalize your backsplash with 4 easy DIY and DIY ‘don’t’ projects.

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Gerardo Linares says:

This guy is such a joke 😂🤣😆

John Shader says:

MDF is a terrible idea for a back splash. MDF will absorb water like a sponge and will swell accordingly. So you sealed the cement board but not the MDF? Wow. Anyway. Getting a clean cut on cement board is near impossible. Don't use this for a back splash. This guy may be showing you things that look neat. But he has no idea hat he is talking about. Trust me.

Bliss Affair says:

What's his youtube channel name ? Anybody plz ?

beth allen says:


Mike Griffith says:

she should shut up!

Steve W says:

The bottle cap segment is brilliant DIY satire. Love the guy`s mumbled answer, incomplete instructions and irrelevant visual aid. Then the nice interviewer pretends to understand his incomplete answer to her question. I love it!

FasterThanSoup says:

Use the lense for those light fixtures that he said not to use.

You score and snap, not cut as he was trying to do.

Throw an LED light strip down one edge of the cut lense and boom! ambiance.

Invite me over for beer when you're done. I like Stella Artois, Alexander Keith's, MGD, and Sapporo.

Valda Combs says:

MDF as a backsplash? It'll look pretty for a while, but the water is going to break it down. I wouldn't suggest using this behind the kitchen sink, although it could work in other areas of the kitchen.

Sarah S says:

I love creative people. He came up with great ideas.

Papa Wannton says:

Glass is a terrible idea. The glass would need to be tempered. Not a cheap or diy. The bottle caps seem ok if you want gigantic grout lines. cementboard is fine as long as don't mind ugly joints.

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