DIY Concrete Countertops | Part 2 of The Total DIY Kitchen Series

DIY Concrete Countertops | Part 2 of The Total DIY Kitchen Series

This video shows how to make DIY Concrete Countertops out of Quikrete 5000. It is the second in a series of videos that show a complete DIY kitchen built from scratch. I will be posting plans for these cabinets and detailed instructions on soon. Additional videos showing how i made the cabinets and shelves are also coming soon. Please be patient 🙂

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Paypal Bank says:

i actually learned something from this on how you form your melamine so simple yet so effective

Chantell Patrick says:

Home Made Modern how are your countertops holding up? Any cracks?

Ардак Амиров says:

It is a cool idea

Roz Christopherson says:

Will cooking oil stain the concrete?

Adonnis says:


Kyle says:

Hey what sealer was used? I can not find this information

Anthony Tran says:

Great video, did you use any coloring to the concrete?

Subbalakshmee Arumugam says:

Looks great, amazing job❤👍

Meeno Do says:

Hmm open shelves….. Good luck keeping your stuff dust free.

We've evolved to cabinets for a reason.

pow shredder says:

And in the next vid we will show you how to replace our hardwood floor we destroyed.

Bo Slutz says:

You mentioned that brand of grout used. What sealer and wax did you use and are you pleased with the results over time?

raekendyk says:

4:57 i see a crack ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Johnathan G says:

This made my life so easy! 🙂 I think this is the most I ever understood in a diy video.


im gonna talk in 3rd person all video and make it sound really annoying

francesco romeo says:

hi nice video! what is the concrete/sand/water ratio?

Irvin Wittmeier says:

I love the chucks black & red

Lucas Manuel Martín says:

4:57 nice hairless ass

718sFINEST says:

0:35 is that a security tag on her pants? "oooohhhhh she stealin"

hcmwed says:

Perfect timing at 2:25. Using a hoe

Ostrie Brevna says:


P Nwa says:

2:25 using a hoe. She appears

1806StoneHouse says:

Great content and very easy to follow! Nice work.

neckarsulme says:

I like how you work

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