DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

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LindyTN says:

What would your true back splash look like if you could change that? I love creams and whites together. I think the key is to use the right shade of white that will blend with the creams. My favorite color pallet is many shades of whites, with none of them being a bright stark white. I have cream antique glaze kind of cabinets. Though the walls are a brown color, all the trim is white. It is how the house was painted when we moved in. Similar to the tuscan look. Though I would not have chosen it, I do like it. Except the granite counter tops. And I don't care for the under the counter mounted sink either. Can't figure out the best way for the dish washing liquid to set near it. In the past, i had a drop in style sink with a place for soap, dish washing liquid and anything else wet, that I needed to set there. The water would just drain back in the sink. Now anything wet just sets in water until I pick up the items and dry everything off. Several times a day. Also can't figure out how to clean the water spots from the faucet. Granite etches with chemicals that clean the water deposits off. So there is no way to clean water deposits off the granite, except to scrape it carefully with a razor blade. But I cant use that on the faucet or I will scratch that. Put a cleaner specifically to clean the water depostis from the faucet, and it gets on the granite counter top and etches that. I find it frustrating as all get out. High maintenance anything, completely blows the dream all over the place, for me. lol

Shirl Rebert says:

My counter guy never mentioned that small piece that goes up like that but I saw it on one of the drawings and ask my contractor about it and had him remove it from the the order Thank goodness I saw it

Sheila B says:

I have been in love with your kitchen for quite a while now. I understand what you mean by not going 'dream' for anything. Things change. Tastes change. Mine has really gone to a different level now that I'm older. You've given a lot of good inspiration girl. Thanks for this video. I've come from Lisa's channel as for some reason, my bell notifications doesn't work on your channel so I don't know when you post. This is hard because I love your channel. I'll keep an eye out for you though on my own. Be well β™₯️

Designs By Janie Marie says:

I love your kitchen layout and agree with all of your suggestions to change but one thing that kept driving me crazy was the light isn’t center of your window? My builder did this to me in my dining room and every time I look at it I just want to cry 😭! I specifically as him to center where my table would go and not the center of the room since I opted to use my breakfasts for my dinging room and my formal for a office πŸ™. Now I have no way to to fix it without messing the whole ceiling up, my hubby told the sheet rock guys to orange peel the walls and popcorn the ceiling πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž! I guess the best thing to do is map out your specific planes on exactly what you want plus do a walk through showing them? I don’t know but I have so many regrets also 😭😭😭! Excited to see how yours turn out πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Rose W says:

You can definitely add backsplash above that smaller granite piece. We had to have the same thing installed with our granite countertops because our old walls were not "square". But we also have tile on the wall up to the cabinets. I do think that changing your wall color would be helpful though.

punkin01ful says:

Your channel has been marked as content for children according to YouTube. So we are not able to get your notifications anymore. What you need to have people do is unsubscribe and then re-subscribe and then they'll be able to get your notifications.

Jean McBride says:

Pretty kitchen! I'm working on ours now. I would have liked white or cream cabinets but I live with my son & he wanted dark. So I painted the 1960s cabinets in SW foggy day…which is beautiful Using sleek brushed nickel pulls & chandelier & fan trim. The new gas range & new microwave will go in as soon as possible after quarantine! Then rebuild the pantry with new doors & paint the last small section of cabinets. New windows — probably next year. There are things I'd do if this was a forever home but he may be transferred so doing what we can to upgrade while keeping the costs down.

Tonya Renee says:

So funny that you mentioned the built-in, that was the first piece I thought, "oh, how sad she took it out." I do like the lower shelf replacement though. It definitely looks more finished.

Jackie Downey says:

I so SO agree with you on the microwave!! Ugh I just loathe them! But, my husband doesn’t. So we compromised and I put a portable one in my dining room. I have a very tiny kitchen so I was not willing to give up any previous counter space. It’s working fine! I had the micro above my stove in my last house and I truly grew to hate it!! I just felt so cloister phobic. Not to mention it just sticks out like a sore thumb. Great video, great tips!! Thanks for your honesty, truly appreciated!

JEN-eration of grace says:

Awh I love the knickknack shelf! But I understand you have to love your space 😊

J McNeil says:

This is one of the best advice videos I’ve seen about a kitchen, and it has helped me realize that butcher block is a better choice for me than quartz.

Lori Korstanje says:

each house I've lived in I picked my kitchen colours and counters the way I wanted I never have had regrets the contractors and the manufacturing kitchen companies tried to talk me out of my choices for resale purposes. I aways said thanks but I'm living it in if they the new owners want to change anything to make it more neutral I said they can. I've always sold my houses within weeks or days of listing! I do admit I love change so I always pick in expensive counter tops they come in a over 50 plus colours when you do laminate ! They are easy maintenance some can be textured and most offer different edging choices. Your kitchen is beautiful and I totally love your taste, and I can see that you would like a change after 10 years. do what your heart wants if you can justify the cost! have fun and enjoy the home you have

Mariana Kepczynski Stuginski says:

I love the color of your countertops. And you should definitely move your microwave, it'll open up some space (I didn't even know they could be this close to the stove)

Lori Shackelford says:

I think that Knick knack shelf world be perfect for some cute, matching spice jars! And they’re easy to access!

HappilyOrganizedChaos says:

This is why I never follow trends (or at least I try my hardest not to) because they are what they are, right? I agree with the microwave above the stove, we have it and I hate it! We are a way off from our remodel but I do think I will be finding a new location for our microwave. I do like your kitchen though, it is very pretty. I am new to your channel (came over from Julie's) and am excited to explore your channel more. Take care πŸ’™

nancy vance says:

I love your kitchen and your whole house. I was amazed to hear you say you would go for Corian. I actually pulled out my granite counters and opted for white Corian. That was over ten years ago, and I have never regretted it!

Michele Davenport says:

Thank you for sharing. I love your kitchen. We bought a house a couple of years ago and I fell in love with the soapstone countertops but oh my gosh they scuff up and nick so easily. I don't care for them as much now. lol

JustShoffing says:

Your kitchen deserved more show off. I wish you invested more on recording videos than using just pictures.

Elly Coressel says:

I think you have a beautiful kitchen! And I know granite countertops aren't as trendy or modern now, but I feel like it goes with your home very well. What if you built a vent hood with warm wood tones that coordinated with the countertops? 😍

Heather Anne KENNEDY says:

I can't wait to see how you tackle these issues! I have that same odd piece of granite running around my kitchen and I hate it! It is NOT a backsplash – it is just a dust collector! I also have the same issue with our microwave! And our granite – it is so so dark! I loved it 15 years ago but not so much now.

tee mom says:

It shows that you are a very sweet person by living with the knick knack shelf for 10 yrs.!πŸ˜„

ana arceo says:

I love the light fixture above the sink, what a beauty!

Boxwood Avenue says:

Great tips my friend! I love your farmhouse kitchen!!

Deborah Heritage says:

Your kitchen looks beautiful, but I agree, all the improvements you mentioned will make it perfect. What colour will you paint your walls?

Susan Velez says:

I really enjoyed visiting with you and you sharing your regrets. I've been subbed to Lisa since she only had a few subs. I'm brutally honest. I'm a single older mother with a 17 year old. I just put in my granite counter tops this past January. I have the same trim you do my choice. My guy is a friend and he is the owner of a company here in Oregon where I live. They do flooring, cabinets, and counter tops. I had saved for Cesar stone, he told me not as good as granite, then his partner suggested the tile backing going up as you mentioned which I could do myself , and I had already decided on what you have. My friend ( the owner) told me it's up to me. So I went with how you have it and I LOVE IT!!!!! It looks stunning. I waited 18 years for those counter tops. I've had his company do my floors, my carpets, and now my counters. He told me how I already bought the granite why waste it. He also said I have so much space I can do that anytime. He knows I'm a single mom and is brilliant with his business. meI still have a pretty big piece in my garage. He said if I wanted they can cut the piece I have to what ever I want lazy Susan's for my dinning room table, windowsills. Don't know what I will do but, your kitchen looks great and I agree with you on changing your paint color. Thank you for sharing darling. I'm in nursing so off to work, stay safe and healthy! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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