DIY Kitchen Island Build | The Home Depot

DIY Kitchen Island Build | The Home Depot

Add value and character to your home with our DIY kitchen island build project. We’ll show you how to build a kitchen island out of lumber for that rustic look. Check out more kitchen improvement ideas:

A kitchen island is one of the most versatile additions to any home. It’s the perfect way to add much needed counter space for food preparation, accessible storage and additional seating for family or guests.

Once your new island is complete, you’ll find it quickly becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen. Homework, conversations and family meal preparation will all center around this essential kitchen addition.

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This video will guide you through all the steps necessary to complete your DIY kitchen island. Follow/rewatch the steps below as needed.
(0:45) Cut the lumber
(1:15) Create pocket holes
(2:01) Create dadoes
(2:52) Create leg assembly
(3:39) Attach leg braces
(4:43) Design the shelf
(5:24) Assemble the top
(6:22) Add finishing touches

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