DIY Kitchen Mallet–Mjolnir–Diy Projects

DIY Kitchen Mallet–Mjolnir–Diy Projects

Some may call it Thor’s kitchen hammer, some may call it a mjolnir (most can’t pronounce though), I just call it a meat mallet and one of my favorite DIY projects. In a couple hours you can make this fun and functional kitchen mallet after watching this tutorial. In this video I’ll take you step by step through how I make these wooden meat tenderizers. These are not just for show. Properly built, they can last a lifetime. These are common through much of Europe and the middle east, despite not being too common in the US. This video focuses on White Oak mallets. However I do touch on several other wood species that make as good, or even better mallets.

Other fun original woodworking ideas:

Tools used in this build:

Odie’s Oil:
Black dye:
Alcohol for dye:
Round over bit set:
Cove bit (for face, same size better brand):
Cove bit (for handle):
V groove bit for face:
Oscillating Belt Sander:
Best oscillating sander:
Shop Fox jointer:
20″ Grizzly Planer:
Makita Miter Saw:
Parallel clamp set:
Sawstop router lift:
Wood rasp set (not identical to mine):
5 minute epoxy:



Bill McMullen says:

Hi I'm quite fond of the purple heart with brass but your logo pops.

Brad Hays says:

If you haven't seen this video yet on finishing Walnut this one's worth the watch…
I'm interested on your comments on how these finishing techniques could be applied to walnut resin tables.

PMD_in_AZ says:

Clean properly before the meat dries fully and there are no issues. Wood is sealed, and as you stated because of the inherent pH levels in certain woods its a total non-issue.
We've become germophobes at our own peril. We need to keep our immune system healthy by exposing it to bacteria. Unless of course you have a pre existing condition whereby your immune system is already compromised. My .02.

Sumit Khandelwal says:

You told the secret,thank u.

The Wild Dinkus! says:

There is a debate if you should use plastic or wood cutting boards? Its a no brainer, as long as you properly care for it, wood is obvious! I mean, would you rather accidently eat, a tiny bit of wood, which is edible, or plastic that was never intended for consumption?

The Wild Dinkus! says:

This is a pretty small detail I noticed when you were describing and giving tips, you never said anything about your way being better, rather what you prefer and a reason why its good for you, or in general. I really appreciate that, when I was first starting woodworking guys would say that the "right way" to do something, but everyone is different, honestly I would have made this same mallet a completely different way, using mainly a bandsaw because, like you said its what I prefer, but your way of doing it is something I'd never think of and its way better for mass production and reproducing something exactly the same, and I'm probably going to infuse that into my style.

Didnt mean to write a whole paragraph there, but to sum it up, thats an amazing video, with some even cooler concepts!

Joe Moreno says:

I like the cove cut mallet.

Joe Bucci says:

Purple heart  …. thumbs up!!

SleeperZzZ28 says:

sub'd, thanks for the project ideas

Siward Beorn says:


Captain McFingal says:

Always use wood, a wood splinter is way better then a metal chip.

Moonwolf71 says:

And yes I would be willing to use a wooden mallet on meat

Moonwolf71 says:

I like the black one with your logo

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