DIY Kitchen Pallet Bar Table

DIY Kitchen Pallet Bar Table

DIY Kitchen Pallet Bar Table

Ever since we moved into this house, my wife has wanted a pallet bar table in the kitchen. And after many ideas and revisions, here is our custom kitchen bar pallet table. It is simple and leaves room for future upgrades and improvements. Pallet furniture is awesome.

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I am a cheese addict says:

Congrats on growing. Just don't change. I've lost so many people I watch, because fame changed them.

Winkiedoodles says:

Oh, yes, I really loved your project! You were really fortunate to get those nice hardwood pallets and your ability to reclaim them was a lot of effort but paid off handsomely. Very, very nice job. Don

offthehook4u says:

That looks really really nice!!! Great job once again.

Christine Majul says:

This project came out beautifully. What a genius ideas. I love it.

J Jo says:

Curiosity question: Wondering where this long counter will be placed, if I may get so personal into your house? Thanks! : )

J Jo says:

'HARDWOOD' pallets!! That's crazy, but what a find! : )

Anthony Jordan says:

I always love watching your channel, man the things you can do, I once read an article where yoyos were outlawed, folks letting fish dry out, not checking them, a man in Texas came up with a pvc type yoyo, this let due fish stay in the water. Every time you come up with things I am amazed with your work.

Sanic says:

Who else thought the thumbnail was a bed xD

Crownof Jewells says:

Your miter saw will cut all the way through those 6” (actually 5 1/2”) wide boards if you raise your board up by placing a 3/4” board under the board you are cutting. This is a nice project. I just built a similar craft table / laundry folding table just like this using 100% pallet wood I had.


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Aunt MeME in Tennessee says:

So unique! I love this!👍🏼

Edilberto Paula says:

Did you leave the pvc for the wood?

B wynn says:

Oh this is great, your work n the way you explain everything is very much appreciated, happy thanksgiving to all. Take care

Buddy Bouchez says:

That is awesome nice table. great job.

Italo Lima says:

Nice Video !!

Bryan Jude Fernandez says:

Inventive and creative , don't forget me. Your doing well in yor YouTube career , I subbed since you had 40k

Steven Kreiner says:

I’m first

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