DIY Kitchen Projects and Ikea Hack Butchers Block

DIY Kitchen Projects and Ikea Hack Butchers Block

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Hi, I’m Hermione and I love making DIY projects that are budget friendly and add a pop of colour to your life! Check out my videos to see more DIYs, hacks, lifestyle tips, motivational videos and more

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Elizabeth Town says:

You are doing so well Hermione! Keep going.

Quinzel says:

I'm so impressed that I want to makeover my whole village with scissors and paper glue.

BeautyBug 1 says:

Ur so talented n everything looks so warm & cozy! Love it!

Pia Zimmermann says:

πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• πŸ‘πŸ‘..β€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ’‹

Lisa Hall says:

What chalk paint did you use, make and colour? πŸ™‚

Shiro The Husky says:

please , please, please big kitchen reveal!!!!! Your hack looks way better than my ikea Forhoja hack.. wish I used chalk paint, i used real window paint with a gloss and turned out so lumpy πŸ™ one day I will have to sand it back again….

Annie Jones says:

Beautiful! Try and think about what it will look like when it's totally finished and the satisfaction you will feel at the end! Always keeps me going xc

Susan Pearson - Creative Fibro says:

You are doing an amazing job with the house look how far you have come, my family moved into a fixer upper of a similar age and there are still parts that have not been completed fifteen years later. You’ve got this!

Barza Dar says:

Love it and u😍

Laura Bradburn says:

Your house looks so good! I found your channel fairly early in this reno process and have loved watching you accomplish so much with it. Helping scratch some itches I can't because I'm still renting an apartment. Love your channel, videos, thanks for sharing this part of your life! Love from Alabama!

Kate Malone says:

I just went to visit a friend's new flat and she had this stone tile looking countertop, it was so beautiful, like old italian red brick road tiles, I don't know how to best describe it, but it gave an otherwise very tiny kitchen SUCH character…! The arch doorway and white walls also helped to make it extra Mediterranean! I love natural materials even as a rustic pop in an otherwise more modern space! It keeps some of the warmth and character and nods to older buildings' pasts. Can't wait to see the rest of your house come together, it's so much work, but so much fun, isn't it!?

tomboyz151 says:

That book stand was genius! And I love that tea towel! 😍

Punky Pie says:

Are you guys living in the house yet?

A.L. Johns says:

Is chalkpaint water- and stainproof (easy to wipe clean)? Does it make sense to use that kind of paint in the kitchen?

Sofia Men says:

IN LOVE!!!!!! AHHHHHHH. The butcher's block was absolutely stunning πŸ˜€

Cynthia Basso says:

Coming together nicely!

Made by Chann says:

I loved this! The cookbook holder and tea towel art were my favorite.

Nalanzazu says:

your hair! <3

Emer Henry says:

Love all the projects. Brilliant. You guys are doing a great job on the house. I laughed when you said you needed motivation to do the skirting boards – just get down and do it otherwise you'll get too comfy in the room and it'll get harder. Ask me how I know that? Oh yeah, they're still mocking me and now I've hurt my back. It'll be the perfect frame for all your hard work. Go on – you'lll be glad when it's finished. Well done so far – now last burst….. you;re nearly there. You CAN do it!! Looking forward to the video of it too. now you have to cos we're all waiting!!

Debbie Kagle says:

I love watching your progress on your house and all off your DIYs. Everything is very lovely.

Esther Beato DeGama says:

Great job! You’re amazing! 😍

florence cavallaro says:

god bless you and your boyfriend<>a great job you have both done<>

florence cavallaro says:

you do a great job<>i been following you for awhile<>i love what you have done with your home<>im in the middle of a make over in my home<>its a slow process cause i lost my boyfriend of 17years who died on jan 13th of this year<>only 55years old<>my heart is still broke and im slowly coming out of this funk i have been in<>my kids all take turns coming to visit me and help<>mostly at least twice a week my middle child angela comes and helps me out sooooo much<>she and her boyfriend help out food shoping<>painting my home<>my daughter came one day and we were up and at my ceilings early in the morning<>two ceilings she did alone <>bless her<>we are going to show some before and after<>i will be posting soon<>

Interestingchica says:


Julie Jacob says:

I love your home renovation series.. please upload more.. ❀️

brontosaurus 89 says:

You’re an absolute boss! I’ve watched every single DIY/ Reno video for your house and I just cannot get over how amazing you are!

Super crafty says:

Love your entire house…

Btw I also have a diy channel

SimplyBel says:

You inspire me to move out as soon as posible and start decorating and diying everything!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ’•

Audrey Suzzane says:

Your kitchen is looking so good. Think of how great it will feel to have all of those little details done!

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