DIY Kitchen Remodel in under $200!!

DIY Kitchen Remodel in under $200!!

Wanna know how you can update your kitchen in under $200? I was able to give my kitchen a make over in 2 weeks in under $200 bucks! Don’t believe me? 🙂 Well watch this video and if you have any questions comment below and I will answer your questions. I hope you enjoy this video, this was a very fun project that I was able to do all on my own! 🙂



Anonymous User says:

Great job girl

karlagv1994 says:

What did you use for your counter tops?

Elmi Raubenheimer says:

Wow, you're a powerhouse! That's an amazing transformation, those counters came out spectacular.

Jean Lista says:

What a great job,u should be very it!

Doodle Buddies says:

fantastic !!

Charlene Quarles says:

OMG….. Your hard work really paid off. Your kitchen looks Beautiful now. From start to finish; how long in real time did it take ? You have so many cabinets. You have been so blessed to have so much storage in the kitchen. However; I'm sure it didn't feel that way while you were working on them. LOL !!!! The counter tops really do look Awesome…… Great job !!!! How long did it take to completely cure/dry to a useable surface….. just wondering. You should feel Very Proud- – You did it all the right way; it looks so nice, & it should last for many years. Congratulations on a job very well done. 🤗

Barbara Morgan says:

wondering how that epoxy ends at edge of counter top, hmm.. that looked messy I would have had epoxy everywhere,, yikes.. I want new counter tops,, just not sure i can pull this off. Maybe if I removed the countertops and worked them in the garage, i don't kmow.. painting the living room ceiling and walls or should prepping so far washing the walls down tape etc,, i take to many breaks this job could go on for long time at this rate.

Barbara Morgan says:

good job 🙂

Sheila Pellicane says:

I have watched many of these videos, However, In no way have I ever seen such a beautiful finish on those counters!!!! as Ms. sweetie just stated it is outstanding!!!

Sarah Poplin says:

I love the brick look! It looks great with the white paint over it! Great job! The cabinets look amazing too!


Totally beautiful! Such talent on the countertop! Congrats!

JonesForever95 says:

You did an awesome job this was a great video but your background music is a little bit too loud rock on girlfriend

michael Parris says:

your ass is as hot as that kitchen at the end…

tim murray says:

Looks great

tim murray says:

8:01 nice tatoo

kaybonette says:

Wonderful job. I painted our huge oak kitchen white and seemed like it took me 2 weeks. We had 3 cutting boards spaced around it. I prepped the edges well and primed and painted them (not the cutting part) with a roller. Paint takes a week to cure. They have held up well. I went to Joann's and got a sheet of felt that had a sticky backing and cut a few strips a little bigger than 1/4" and cut them for bumpers so the doors wouldnt pull paint off the cabinets when they touched.

M Maurece says:

Great job!!!!!!!!!

Overwhelmed Mommy says:

Wow amazing job ♥️

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