DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse sponsored by Belgard

DIY Outdoor kitchen build with Before and After time lapse sponsored by Belgard

Step by Step How to build a mortarless outdoor kitchen-No concrete, no glue. Just Build a frame and clip on the Stone Veneer. This is a new system by Belgard that uses a Grid to hold the blocks in place. Its called Tandem Modular Grid and we are going to show you how it works today. If you want more info on this system go
Tools you’ll need for your outdoor kitchen build:
Framing tools: Makita Saw
Dewalt circular saw:
Milwaukee impact:
Husqvarna concrete saw;
Heres the best prices on Some of my favorite Amazon tools:

Dewalt concrete saw:

Fiskars axe:
Gear wrench Speaker:

Makita Power shaft Multitool: strap:

Milwaukee heated coat:

10% off Kujo shoes here:

Diablo Metal cutting blade:

ISO tunes

Milwaukeetools Air Compressor

Winter equipment-Best cutting edge ever:

Igloo trailmate:

Ego snow blower:

Crescent wrench pass through socket set:

Milwaukeetool packout:

Striker trilight:
Bosch impact set:
3m work tunes:

Makita Chainsaw:
Dewalt mitre saw:



jose fonseca says:

where is the before and after alli see was the start whata joke

Billy LaBoy says:

Can your cameraman stop jerking around? Just a heads up, he's not cool.

Brandon Bowers says:

What is the black hexagonal plastic material under the deck?

Shanon Thatcher says:

So best practice says NO wood within 20" of the grill or any heat source. Shouldn't they use metal 2x4s?? Why do so many people "overlook" this requirement? What am I missing?

Jason B says:

Were is the kitchen? What a waist of my time .

CJ. De says:

What is to keep water from seeping between stones into the inside of the structure?

Max Stahl says:

Not enough information on your show like two see more

Billy Ward says:

Are those tiles on deck?

chefbillyx says:

It's called a Robertson bit head. A Canadian invention. Your screw won't fall off easily. I think in 1908.

Brian says:

This is not DIY I see A crew of 20 "sarcasm". Well i am a crew of one. You know what DIY stands for? Do it yourself, not Do It with a PAID crew.LOL. You have a crew standing behind you getting paid. LOL..

Michael Werbick says:

What I noticed it’s a lot of old guys working. Lol.

John barfneck says:

property taxes are sooo bad they cant afford to build a new room/ kitchen inside…..

GeorgeO2012 says:

If it's a metric system, why don't you just use Mtrs, Cms, Mms instead of converting the measures to Imperial? Surely you are adding in the likelihood of errors…!!

Oleo 2320 says:

love your vids and info, but some of the freehand camera motions make me ill

Hahauravirgin says:

Doesn’t show finished design…. lol cool

john tran says:

Damn i did all that just with bricks and cement 😆. Not going to last forever like this build but its good enough for me

Lewis Clark says:

No………..not buying this technique

Aaron S says:

Title is click bait. There is NO before and After…only the before

Paul Gajewski says:

You never showed how the block attach to the wire mesh, what a waste

mccallumcra says:

I hope if that is pressure treated wood that you are only using stainless steel for any metal that is in contact with the wood or it will fall apart in just a few years. That's my experience anyways.

Whiskey I says:

Looks like the plan the deck crew had to escape the local nursing home actually worked…good for them.

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