DIY vintage restaurant sign — Deb’s Kitchen

DIY vintage restaurant sign — Deb’s Kitchen

I use #woodworking to create a DIY vintage restaurant sign out of MDF for my stepmom, Deb.

Learn more at

— Aaron Draplin’s logo design class:

— PVA glue:

— Mascot Theory sign:

— Jimmy DiResta’s sign work:

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Bernard Tarver says:

Laser cut or CNC mill that MDF.


Good vidio.

Cut To The Point says:

Awesome Andrew! 😀 Now you got me even more excited about what's to come! 😀

Roll-Up Rainer says:

Spending time making something special for someone special always is better than some expensive crap you just order from amazon

P Wise says:

Now that is a cool gift, thoughtful, hand made and looks really good. It's the hand made stuff that means so much. Thanks for sharing.

PacoWang says:

Love the build. Took the tips to heart. Love the narative and the delivery!

DEL - DEREK says:

Truly a labor of love .
The right tools certainly make the difference in the first place .
However , having watched some of your videos before ,
I feel you are one of those guys who consider second best as being totally unacceptable .
Therefore its got to be as good as its gets or nothing at all – no compromises .
Thats a fine approach to anything in life I think .
Do it to the best of your ability , or dont do it at all .
Well done , you did just that .
I think you can call yourself . . . . . . . .

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