How to Make DIY Kitchen Cabinets

How to Make DIY Kitchen Cabinets

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Tutorial – In this episode we’ll walk through the basics of building a simple cabinet. We’ll build a cabinet carcass, face frame, drawers, doors, and a walnut butcher block top. This is an episode packed full of information to help and inspire you to take a shot at building cabinets for your garage, laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen. This episode is sponsored by our friends over at Maytag. Check out the appliances in this video at

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homesteadonomics says:

Nice clean and classic look Pete! Great job👍

Nick Dova says:

looks really nice!

1806StoneHouse says:

nice work. how much did all the gigs cost? it does look a lot easier using them.

Peter Poertner says:

ALWAYS a fan of the soft close hardware!  The kitchen has come a long way since day one Pete, keep up the great work!  The devil is in the details though, how about some nice hidden task lighting (LED) underneath the wine shelves?  It would set that corner off nicely and highlight your hard work.

The Craftsman Blog says:

Well done man, very nice video! The double sided tape for aligning the drawer fronts is a Godsend!

Scott Mathson Music says:

Loved this video, awesome!

wayward9851 says:

Awesome cabinet video Pete. May I suggest building a new workshop for your projects?

fuffalobucker says:

I always feel like I gain so much knowledge from you videos. And the timing of this video is perfect. I am looking to start making garage cabinets in the coming week. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers from Oregon! (via birth in Livingston.)

Bacca Á Là Boss says:

I Subscribed 😀

The Moody says:

Wow man. You really transformed that house into something truly special! Love it!!

wabash says:

That refrigerator is HUGE!

Johnny5clowna says:

You make it look easy Pete.. LMAO

Manny Mello says:

Nice job on the cabinet kitchen looks great

David Letz says:

Great build, Pete. I have to admit you can make a crosscut better freehand than I can using a straight edge.

sillysausage72 says:

Awesome job!

Stephen Hibbs says:

this is excellent, you just made my mind to build my own kitchen thanks

Tioga Fretworks says:

Face frame, yes do glue – but Wood glue is a total waste for most of the carcass joints. Example the ends of a 4" wide spreader to pre-finished plywood. There is nothing there that glue would bond to.

Eli's Aquascape says:

Great work from a man with a great heart. Keep it up! Cheers from San Diego!

rich hubert says:

Hey Pete you have any big outdoor projects planned for your new place? Always enjoy your videos and look forward to the uploads! All the best to you!

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