How to replace a kitchen sink. Simple DIY home improvement project.

How to replace a kitchen sink. Simple DIY home improvement project.

Replacing a kitchen sink isn’t as easy as you’d think… Unless you’re part contortionist. Watch the step by step process with Tom from Home Craft Chronicles!


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Logan K says:

I need to replace a toilet and tub fixtures. I'd love to see videos on those.

Sebastopolmark says:

1:06 "read instructions" We don't need no stink'in instructions – until we get hung up then we go back and attempt to find out where we made the mistake.
Good video and to the point.

Lenny F says:

3:25 looks like a stainless steel sink to me.

Marc Buteau says:

When I redid our bathroom at home, the supply lines to the sink didn't have valves on them. So I had to shut off the main line coming in the house. So before installing the new sink and faucet, I installed two ball valves in the sink cabinet. This way, when I need to change or service the faucet, I can simply shut off the water right there. Also great feature in an emergency. Quicker to shut off the water right there, than to run in the basement in the storage room and shut off the main valve.

Micah Shaw says:

If your just a homeowner, how often do you use that enormous channel lock? I just made due using my regular size channel locks just jammed up against part of the large nut on the basket, but I definitely didn't get the basket tight enough the first time. After a few weeks the putty washed out, and it started leaking. A bit more tightening, and I have had no problems in the last few months, but do you have any good tips for others that don't own that giant channel lock?

Micah Shaw says:

I recently did exactly this! Replaced the original 6" contractor sink with a 9" deep sink, and replaced the faucet with a single handle. I did put in a soap dispenser, and am looking to get a second one for hand soap. Because of this I didn't use the plate to cover the extra holes. However, you can get a plug for a single hole that is plastic (so its only a few bucks) but looks like the brushed stainless steel. Easy to screw in and gives a a good finished look.

Isaac Childress says:

I'm liking how this channel is shaping up. please keep the uploads coming.

keelinga says:

Very cool! I am soooooo not handy but I always wanted to try this and your video makes me believe I can. Thank you for sharing.

Jttv says:

this channel now has everything including the kitchen sink 😉

Matthew Trevett says:

That sink didn't look bad at all, did you just want a deeper one?

Marjo Kei says:

I recently installed a new sink in my new kitchen. How I did it:
1) got a sink, read instructions
2) gathered all the supplies and tools
3) made coffee
4) Opens door because bell rung. Wft dad what you doin' here today?
5) …stand back with coffee looking confused while dad happily wrestles with my new sink

…..not as impressive as doing it all yourself….

Sam P says:

More times than not when installing a new sink the drain lines don't line up. You should mention that.

William Butler says:

Also, make sure you loosen the hose fitting slowly. It's not uncommon for the compression washer valves to fail in older homes. Was yours a quarter turn ball valve?

Then turn the water back on slowly. Have a buddy at the fixture if possible. The sudden water pressure can bust the valves too. It's called a water hammer.

William Butler says:

Do you like those caulk squeeze tubes? I have never had luck with them. It's so much easier to get a caulk gun and a tube of caulk. I think it's cheaper per usable ounce too, even if you need to buy a caulk gun. You can never get the squeeze tubes completely empty.

Simon says:

That could have helped me when I installed my kitchen sink in my home. There was not enough paste around the sink to completely seal it off, and I couldn't assemble the trap because of space issues and had to by a new one that is straight somehow. Great vid tho.

Robert Rittenhouse says:

Well the timing on this is creepy. I just had to replace my Kitchen Sink Strainer on one side of my sink today! Now, mine seems to be working but if I move the strainer left/right it seems to kinda move a little but it looks sealed. How do you know it's tight enough? I need to do the other side now so we have a better drain on both sides! I also just bought a new vanity for the bathroom which we will be replacing soon (along with the has CARPET…in the BATHROOM. Disgusting.) So, if you want to make videos about remodeling a bathroom floor (ripping out carpet and putting down tile) i'd be all for that. Or maybe I can try and just take a video of my "attempt"! I'm not attempting it yet but I want to tear out the plastic wall or whatever that surrounds my bathtub and tile it in as well. Thanks for the content!

NAILED IT! says:

OMG! Assemble the sink FIRST! Friggin' brilliant! Thank you Tom. This video is going to help me so much in the future!

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