Kitchen Remodel Process and Steps

Kitchen Remodel Process and Steps

In this video you will see my kitchen remodel process or kitchen remodel steps. I used a contractor for a good part of this. A lot of the detail work I did myself plus other things like relocating the gas line. What I want you to get out of this is the process so that you know what to think about. There is a lot that goes into remodeling a kitchen. Many things to consider ahead of time. What type of counters to get, lighting, tile, appliances and more.

After doing all of my research, I think that these are the best under cabinet lights and I used them in this remodel…
GetINLight Under Cabinet Lights

If anyone is interested, that is River Blue Granite

Once you watch this, you will know planning a kitchen remodel from start to finish.

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Under Cabinet Lighting Video
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Pearland TX Remodeling says:

That looks amazing! Awesome work. The choice in materials really compliments the sleek, expansive white of the rest of the kitchen.

Marianne Jassar says:

Very nice . BUT shouldn't the dishwasher be next to the sink.then you wouldn't have to run the plumbing around the corner behind the cabinets. Imagine your wife running across the kitchen putting the derty dishes in the dishwasher 🤣

757shonuff says:

what type of glass tile is that?

Momoney1210 says:

This really turned out amazing!

Raquel Stephens says:

You didnt change the footprint of the kitchen and that peninsula is cutting the room in half looks the same just new cabinet!!

TheMyshine09 says:

Wow looks great! Makes u feel like your in a new home

Slavisa Gambiroza says:

He probably ended up paying about $8,000 in materials and appliances plus another $8,000 for labor considering he used contractors for 99% of the job.

Hrd2 impress says:

What kind if lighting did u use under the cabinets, plz?

Leranda Garib says:

At first I was like, not a damn thing wrong with your kitchen, and why you remodeling it. The after is so amazing. … I understand you wanted a more sophisticated look. But the first was not bad at all. Omg. You'll must be have too much money. Smiles

E L says:

a little extreme. the flooring really could have been saved .i would make a island

Christina Tran says:

It turned out so nice! Love the white cabinets, makes the kitchen looks so much more brighter and alive than before!

Joyce Vargas says:

what color did you use on the doors?

Joyce Vargas says:

Kitchen is beautiful. What color wall paint did you use?

Dee Mabon says:

Beautiful kitchen!

Kim Ryals says:

Great job I like

Roslyn Shaw says:

It looks good

Blanca Rodriguez says:

Wow! Very nice!!

Jah Lub says:

Greart video! Did you consider staining and painting the cabinets white to save money?

Joselito says:

The new kitchen is an improvement to the old one but I wonder if it will stand the test of time because some of the choices that you made are more fashionable than classic ie- the color of the backsplash and the mosaic tile above the range. Also, I would have preferred your choice of fridge to be counter deep rather than sticking out like it does and I wish you would have toned down the 70-ish skylight. Nevertheless, I like your choice of counter top (w/o any of that fancy Home Depo-ish bull nosing) and your choice of range.

Leslie says:

Wow gorgeous!! Where did you get that light hanging over your sink?

SushiFlour83 says:

What did you use?, what process did you follow to remove the wall paper so easily?


I agree with Sucha, I would have placed the dishwasher next to the sink. Overall it came out really nice. I love the back splash. I prefer quartz over granite, and definitely tile on the floor. I hope you donated your cabinets as they appeared to have been in good condition, and I am sure someone could have used them. Mind coming to do my kitchen? I am planning this for next year, though my kitchen is much smaller as it is my budget. Good job 🙂

Cooke's Floor Service says:

Looks Good!

JFlytheBeast says:

We’re currently in the process of buying a home but need to remodel the kitchen. About how much did this remodel cost?

Sawyer Ramos says:

BEAUTIFUL! That sky light is priceless!

Queen DK says:

I think it’s safe to say his favorite and most wanted thing in this kitchen was that damn pocket door heading towards the laundry room 😂😂😂

Kerry Hadouche says:

kitchen is beautiful – great choice of colors. The fillers on either side of the sink look to be installed upside down — unless you originally planned on adding rosettes at the top. They shouldn't hit the floor like that — should line up with toe kick on adjacent cabinets. Great use of space though, nice job

Lou says:

Looks great. What would have been the difference in price(%) if you would have not done some of the work your self ?

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