Making a Kitchen Drawer Organizer | DIY Hand Tool Woodworking Project

Making a Kitchen Drawer Organizer | DIY Hand Tool Woodworking Project

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I needed to make a Kitchen Drawer Organizer of r the silverware drawer int he kitchen so I did! this silverware organizer is made from reclaimed white oak. this is an easy woodworking project that can be made with hand tools in a couple hours.

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Steven Maduri says:

Your openers are like a fine wine or scotch…theyโ€™re getting way better with age.

Dylan's DIY Workshop says:

This looks like a fun little build! I kept thinking your back wall there had some purpleheart boards on it. Finally saw a close up and I'm guessing It's cedar?

thebeav79 says:

James, what do you think of that Stanley low angle jack? I've heard mixed reviews.

Ray Ife says:

You're right James, the time I have wasted hunting for a breeding fork! Good tidy job well done.

Alan Wolf says:

I think he's a foonaphobe

Cody Pederson says:

Great video! I've watched a ton of your old vids since I subscribed! Quick question, do you like you Veritas joinery saws or would you recommend/prefer others??

Myra Wright says:

Ok! You made both of us Crack up at your opening!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Love it!

J Howe says:

Yup, no sporks here! And… it was great watching you cross that great divide of silverware drawer spaces! LOL… ( I don't think my Mom would like such an idea for her cluttered silverware drawers, you should see them, yikes!!! She has her own system…)

Make Brooklyn says:

Well, you forked that all up. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚

Bruce Brachman says:

I would love to explore more things you can do with 1/4" wood. [For me, resawing to 1/4" is an ugly challenge.] Handy for all kinds of (ahem…boxes) things. Strong but light. Thanks James!

Chris Cunicelli says:

Man that's great. Nice work

Opa's Workshop says:

Nice work James I like that you were able to make it all out of the White Oak.

John Early says:

Great job James. Have a problem….fix it. Spork on man lol

Holly Helton says:

As soon as I started watching this video I had the same idea to make one for my screw and bolt drawer

Bathrobe Carpenter says:

With your opening comment… spork it! And the BLO of yours… yes you can drink it… BUT you would โ€œstart a movementโ€ LOL

TrollForge says:

Is your wife cool with you giving your wedding ring to your (somewhat less than secret) other love?

Carbonite Gamorrean says:

Looks great and is a perfect idea. I bought some toolbox drawer sorters about 3 years ago and WHATA WASTE OF SPACE… What # is the blue scraper at 2:48 for about 10sec ?


Hey, great video, i was just thinking of doing this very project yesterday. Thank you for your great presence on camera and great projects. Just a quick question; when you were trimming the divider to length with the block plane, why not use a shooting board?

Benedict Edwards says:

Lovely job as ever, James. That bench hook with a kerf for cross cutting is genius. Building one would make a great short video if you haven't done one already.

Tim Mills says:

happy wife happy life.

DesertBum WoodWork'n says:

Nice divider for the silverware, I have to make one for ours, now I have a good idea, thanks

Irlan Cidade says:

I like the pression fit thing. Maybe i'll try it in a project in the future. thanks.

franco godoy says:

Exelent job.

theduck says:

Great build, looks fantastic, and the best part your wife likes it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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