Outdoor kitchen construction full project

Outdoor kitchen construction full project

Prepare for one of the most durable outdoor kitchen projects you can build. After many years of working with outdoor living spaces I simplified the way you build your outdoor kitchen, making it one of the most durable yet inexpensive and fairly easy to build. no wood that can root as structure or weak man made materials. I hope you enjoy it!!



Manny Garcia says:

Good job you know what you are doing.

Paige Thompson says:

I wish you were ma neighbor here in New Zealand I subbed rated up and shared on ma Facebook Timeline for I love to entertain heaps of families and friends I wish I was a landscaper your video will help me.

Dust in the wind says:

you talk too much
way too much
make it simple

My Channel says:

Alright ,.Got all my supplies.Gonna start putting down bricks tomorow.Thanks.

My Channel says:

Hugo did you set the sink on the wood frame?

My Channel says:

I'm about to build my concrete outdoor kitchen and I have zero brick/concrete experience. This video helped with ideas and some direction.Thanks Hugo.If some of you PROS have nothing nice to say then don't say nothing at all.

Don O says:

I did not see how you pour the cement, what keeps them from falling down??

obj9127 says:

horrible workmanship on the kitchen, i would fire him

Ashish Patil says:

how is a kitchen without any cooking surfaces

brickit26 says:

drop back and punt….

Jeff Malone says:

The stucco should have beenn more of an earthy tone such as tan buff etc. I myself would have used cultured stone. The cabinets look very cheap you could have taken 1×4 and cambered the edges and bound them with ┬áblack iron would have very just as cheap but a better look. I have been a mason for 30+ years and never set any kind of paver around a pool in sand never. The reason being is that sand underneath is going to wash away with the amount of water it will be exposed to. Not a good looking job my friend.

SuperKissFan1 says:

This looks like shit. Very poor job..What`s up with the doors and  the expose pipe. Home Owner got screwed..

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