The Industrial Farm Table – DIY Project

The Industrial Farm Table – DIY Project

Trim Head Screws:
Wood Screws:
Wood Glue:
Wood Filler:
Sanding Blocks:
Wood Conditioner:
(partial list, other items found at hardware stores)

Miter Saw:
Drill and Impact Driver:

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Easy DIY tutorial for making your own industrial farm table!

Dimensions: 56″l x 33 3/4″w x 30″h



Sinner's Shadow says:

I am waitimg for the industrial style chairs to go along with this amazing table guys!

Nonya Bizz says:

Where can we buy these pipes?
I'm not having any luck on Amazon, or Home Depot, or Lowes websites….

Hsehseng says:

My Fiance' and I just followed your video which is very easy to follow, and we succeed in making a lovely Farm Table. We got loads of compliments. Thank you so much. Thumb up !!!!

kingwah wong says:

i would love to see you fastforward the whole process.

doseofreality100 says:

for those that don't want screw holes on the top surface of your table…… screw the boards together from the other side which would be the bottom of the table.

Missa McFadden says:

I think a small desk version of this would be cool!!

Irishgirl41 says:

How much did this cost you to make?

SimpleHumman says:

love this, beautiful table!

Corey Gunter says:

what kind of flooring is that??

Austin Cooke says:

I went to the store to get some piping like yours and it was all marked with white lettering and very very greasy/dirty. How do you clean the pipes?

Natalie Paeth says:

What are the final dimensions of the table top? My fiance and I want to make this but our dining room is a small apartment sized nook

Peter Mills says:

Been building a few projects with this steel pipe and fittings. Any hints on cleaning the pipe to remove the factory oils / grease?

John Garcia says:

Can you make a chair for the tables?

Mark Schellenbach says:

Hey guys, nice work! I was wondering what your thoughts were of using reclaimed wood vs. new & stained wood. Any advantages or disadvantages? I'm not usually super pumped on how my stained wood turns out. It ends up looking pretty meh. But the reclaimed stuff has a natural wear to it which helps the furniture look more pro. Just wondering what your thoughts are.

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