7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home's Exterior

7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home's Exterior

Here are a few curb appeal ideas to improve your home’s exterior including hiding features, sprucing up windows and additions to your porch. Read more about curb appeal, here: http://low.es/1v8CZJh

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amber casados says:

This was awesome!!!! Thanks Lowe’s!

Julie Anderson says:

Many of these looked worse.

Angolz Tapz says:

Can I apply the stone veener on the low sides of the house?

Co T. says:

Excuse my comment, but this is typical American. Make it look like something it's not. I like the updates, just use better quality from the start and it will last much longer…

David Giuffrida says:

Thanks for posting! Love these ideas!

SCG Niagara says:

Can we get more tips like these and links to the related products? Thanks again.

SCG Niagara says:

Wow. Great tips! Thanks!

Rod McDonald says:

All really tacky ideas.

Andrew Thomas says:

As an HVAC/R technician a would not advise enclosing your air conditioning condensing unit. That's a piece of really bad advice.

Pull station 123 says:

Why can't you just simply paint your house it is cheaper than stone,shuters, hardware, Window boxes, and trim.
Also you said "don't forget to give a little love to your garage " you for got the MAIL BOX!!!

Kristin Currier Ludlow says:

These kinds of videos are a godsend for xylophone and hand-clappers everywhere.

Agents With Integrity. says:

Just featured in my recent article: https://realagents.ca/instantly-boost-curb-appeal/

Shaishannah Bennett says:

I personally prefered it before, simple and not over fussy 🙂

Jane Smith says:

Looks lovely although I don't like those stuck on stones – stone veneer.

MsAponte69 says:

Can we look at how to improve the exterior of a wood-stucco home.

Steve The Euro Guy says:

What is the color brown on that house?

patsy pryor says:

Your music drowns out the dialogue,puuleeze fix it, it seems you have a lot to offer!

Caroline Gray says:

I like the gates to hide things

bestbitesforever 💜 says:

Thank you for the great tips. I especially love the idea of adding the stones!

J. Smith says:

My husband hates when i watch videos like this. Makes him more work around the house! I love the stone on the front of the steps….. now where did he get to…

Florinda Ridge says:

Anyone else hear the high pitch in the narrator's "S" sounds? I can't watch too many videos with the volume on.

That's Byers says:

Great tips for when you have a tight budget. We also suggest changing out your house numbers!

thewirah1 says:

Funny how American houses are all about fake stuff. Fake stones, fake shades, fake carriage windows… Probably a good metaphor.

aeromedical67 says:

LOLOL. A lot of great ideas, but no way you're doing these projects at the prices they are displaying. First of all, it's assuming you have the tools and skills to do these projects. That cost alone easily doubles or even triples the cost. Next, many of these projects require the approval of the HOA if you live in a coveted community. Slapping up shutters and refacing your front stairs without prior approval could turn into a very expensive endeavor. This reminds me of those home improvement show on DIY network where they quote these obscenely low estimated improvement costs which never include the labor and/ or consultation fees from the renown interior decorator.

J. W. says:

Excellent – very well done. Thank you.

WindowReplacementAgencyWisconsin says:

Awesome work. Thank you.

Aminur Rahman Khan says:

Thanks Lowe's for your brilliant ideas

Younis Al taee says:

I wish to visit lawes home

ItsVerosLife says:

2:22 before and after 

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